(No paintings here heh)

Well I tried painting again cause I was bored..

I got my hair cut.. It was so long \(T_T)/

Okay then not to get into that…

Well in this post I will be talking about the brotherly love of Tea and Cashews.

If you haven’t read my last post then you don’t know about Tea.

Tea: My little bro ish a awesomeness kid man you can just hug him and stuff. Yea I’m tough but I got a spot for my bro dude.

Cashew: I luff me big brother he iss great he takes me to places and gives me cookies (Note: not his sister)


Tea is the black one and Cashew is the grey one.


Heres Cashew! ♪

and  on the bottom is Tea! ♪


and heres Tea painting with his tail!


2 Responses to “Tea and Cashews hmm?”

  1. awww they’re so cuuuute! but why is tea painting with his tail?

  2. lolz all rocker’s need some sweet colors :P

    thats why you see pink Mohawks on dudes :D

    tea looks so evil and cute o_o :D i like it ^_^

    cashew makes me want to eat nuts :P

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