Tea the Retriver

Thanks to my friend Yuki whom inspired me to make a Cinnamorall friend or so.

Instead of a Cinnamoangel I decided it would be a Cinnamodevil ^^


Well his name is Tea, and he likes things that a pup
couldn’t do.
his favorite color is Magenta ( don’t say that is shocking for a boy dog ) and he likes to play pranks on the neighbors, friends but not family.

He loves his family and has a soft spot for them.
He loves to eat Ramen noodles, drink tea (of course)

The pup is so hyper he’d be racing with Chiffon but he loses =(
So the pup is in a band with his older brother Coffee-cake and his sister Cookie.

Tea: Hiya losers its meh the totally awesome and devious little pup, Tea.
I’d like to say IN YOUR FACE I got a break in stardom *.*
as I was saying If you want to be friends with me ^^ don’t step out your back door ^^ and don’t flush your nearest toilet ^^ Well don’t think that I’m all tough ’cause everybody has a soft spot in the heart. My soft spot would probably go to my little bro Cashew ^^

Well I thought that was wonderful (yeah right)

Remember: Mario and Luigi have mustaches <.<

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