Who’s hungry?

Well people get hungry and do things while they wait for uhh food!

Me? I’m not much of a food person, but I get hungry so ( Its kinda obvious ) I draw [told ya so]


See this pic-a-ture (sounds more like pikachu >.>) pikachu.jpg

Okay then I’m hungry! I drew Cinnamorall eating a cinnabun (Kinda strange)

I got so hungry ^^

La la la la la la ^^

I don’t know what to do^^

La la la la la la^^

I mine as well^^

Gonna go eat you^^


Inspiring Light

Well In everything I draw (on paper) I put in an inspiring light.

insparation-light.jpg<– here it isss

Looks familiar doesn’t it?

It came from the Legend of Zelda. My bro told me to use the light thingy in my pictures.

toon-link.jpg<– My bro drew this.
Psshaw my bro did a great job.

The ball of light is so inspirational. Now I use it a lot in my drawings.

Okay done with this post No wait I need the poem.

Here it is..

The light is so bright

The light is so pure

As if the heavens touched

It remains all good~☺

~ ^.^ ~

Remember: Potatoes have to be assembled.

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