Chow~ie~der uhh er.

Hmm yes I felt like doing something different so lets get-ith to the picture!


So.. I get bored when I watch T.V okay.. I started to watch this show Chowder.

Brother says: Hmm yes thats tight.. I guess ^^”

Cousin says: Yay Chowder!

I say: Hmmph my arm hurts for drawing that…

Okay so I did brake my arm on purpose.

Let’s talk-ith about Chowder shall we?


Is he a bear, a rabbit, or a cat thingy?

Anwser Me~!~!~!

Okay so >.>” well uhh..

REMEMBER~: Carrots want to be a cake ‘3′<— face thingy

Heres a poem.

What is Chowder

UHH.. I can’t take it any more! I’m out of here! =(


That was today’s uhh post.

¿~½ of a brain?

Uhh a message I guess..

Well I may have uh *cough* on purpose *cough* broke my one arm.. my writing/drawing hand… now I’m using my left hand so its a pain..

Waaaaah! *sniffle* I can’t draw.. for like a while.

I have no idea how to put my drawings that are not made with a computer here

So go LOL but I don’t care x3

angel-boy.jpg<– yay a picture from a long time ago!

Star<– this one I made because I got BORED when my sister was all like uhh being annoying


I’m so angry like I dunno Like the evil pie

Remember: Tomatoes can get mad at you if you set them near an apple

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