Do any of you LIKE asparagus?

Well I don’t. I think its the most disgusting kinda of vegetable there is!~!~!

Not to get personal with other people who like it, its just that I’m bored and I felt like writing something.

So I walk in the kitchen and I’m all like ” Hey what ARE you cooking mom”and shes all like ” OH your favorites”

and I’m like “oh really

So she said “Don’t you back sass me hon”

AND we ate. Then all of a sudden a started spitting up uhhh stuff (lets not get into that)

So I started yelling saying “whats in here!?!?! ”

thennn my mom said “Your favorites, asparagus”

I said “Mom! I hate asparagus you knew that since the day you ever showed me it!~!~!~!~!~!~”

she said “Oh well worth a try”

Well sometimes moms are eh’s but they take care of you till the day you move out. (I’m only 14) =(

2 Responses to “Asparagus!”

  1. Aaah, I feel your pain -shudders-
    How traumatic to bite into something like… *that* xDD

  2. take that emotion off and the smoke thing

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