free-falling-friends.jpg<— I drew this with a mouse =)

Cinnamorall and his friends are totally cute!~!~!~! Who wouldn’t love them?

Cousin says: I love them a lot and I just want to hug them!

Thats good if people love them right?

Sister says: Awww I want them as a pet!

Well people would you love them as a pet people?

Brother says: Pfft they are kinda cute to admit..

Well people do you know people who is a boy that loves any other Hello Kitty, or friends?

Best friend say: My brother likes them, shocking to believe *ahem*

How much do you love Sanrio’s characters?

Best friend2 says: Thats easy to explain. I love them as much as the sky touches the galaxy!

This concludes the questions for today!~!~!~! BYE! people!!!!

If you have questions tell me and I’ll ask my friends and family members then put it on here.

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