Smiles are forever :3

Family and friends gather around, to see me and my friends preform. Although we may have messed up, we kept our smiles on and preformed. Even if they have passed we kept our smiles and remembered the good time we had with them while tears roll down our eyes

Though even through the tough times we had our smiles kept us going.

A poem by : me…

Smiles that are kept

Smiles are forever

Smiles that are shared

Smiles are forever

Smiles through pain

Smiles are forever

Smiles that gain

Smiles are forever

Forever that you know

They will always show

kid-cat.jpg<– by me, Kid Cat7

Enjoy life now and never regret your choice in life as long as its a good one.


Smiles can last for a very long time and they can change the world.

( \( ‘ . ^ )/ yay a hero!~!~! ) *ahem*

Cinnamorall and friends questions

free-falling-friends.jpg<— I drew this with a mouse =)

Cinnamorall and his friends are totally cute!~!~!~! Who wouldn’t love them?

Cousin says: I love them a lot and I just want to hug them!

Thats good if people love them right?

Sister says: Awww I want them as a pet!

Well people would you love them as a pet people?

Brother says: Pfft they are kinda cute to admit..

Well people do you know people who is a boy that loves any other Hello Kitty, or friends?

Best friend say: My brother likes them, shocking to believe *ahem*

How much do you love Sanrio’s characters?

Best friend2 says: Thats easy to explain. I love them as much as the sky touches the galaxy!

This concludes the questions for today!~!~!~! BYE! people!!!!

If you have questions tell me and I’ll ask my friends and family members then put it on here.

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