Okay well this little fella is my favorite Sanrio character ’cause it’s sooo cute!!! I get the name mixed up. It’s Cinnamorall right? uhhh sp yeah I do get the name mixed up a lot =) but its cute right?

This picture is my first Cinnamorall picture I made without looking at anything to help me draw it.

Here is a poem for it (I am not good at making poems =[ )

Why is it so addicting

Why is it so cute

Has I gone crazy

Or maybe I’m just lazy

Sanrio has cute characters

but Cinnamorall is best

If it were on a scale

Numbered 1 through 10

I’d give it a eleven cause

I heard about the buzz

WOW I stink at poems ahhh well.cinnamoral-at-ther-c.jpgI drew it with a mouse seriously.

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  1. hi i will wanted see you blog and cool i like cinnamorall! wow cool blog thanks for comment bye!

  2. please do more cinnamoroll train and make them longer

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