My favorite Sanrio character


Okay well this little fella is my favorite Sanrio character ’cause it’s sooo cute!!! I get the name mixed up. It’s Cinnamorall right? uhhh sp yeah I do get the name mixed up a lot =) but its cute right?

This picture is my first Cinnamorall picture I made without looking at anything to help me draw it.

Here is a poem for it (I am not good at making poems =[ )

Why is it so addicting

Why is it so cute

Has I gone crazy

Or maybe I’m just lazy

Sanrio has cute characters

but Cinnamorall is best

If it were on a scale

Numbered 1 through 10

I’d give it a eleven cause

I heard about the buzz

WOW I stink at poems ahhh well.cinnamoral-at-ther-c.jpgI drew it with a mouse seriously.

Face to face eyes alone

 Standing there I knew that I wasn’t awake (like duh I was sleeping).My refection shone all through out the room (It was kinda creepy how a lot of me’s  was like looking at me) standing there I wonder what if this was me or was I over there.I walked closer and closer to myself.(boy I have crazy dreams)

I picked up a note and it said “Even if eyes alone can see the soul, It’s the heart that makes it special”. and so I’m all like looking at myself then raised my hand just like me in my refection then the hands touched.

A Light shone and wiped the darkness away letting the mirrors burst and me just standing there.

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