Becoming emo?

Well I couldn’t seem to see what emotion I should go on after the loss of someone I love…. I don’t know if to remember the good times, or just throw down the broken pieces of life. Why is there so many questions with no answers?

I can’t think!!!~!~! Am I becoming EMO?

nothing won’t make any sense!

A hint of depression will enter the heart…..

A Made-up Thing

rochii Blahhh Blah Blah Blah

I made this character up because of Sanrio’s characters I’ve been following. This is a combination of a dog and a rabbit, so you can say hes like a rabbit-dog or dog-rabbit.His name is Rochii and hes the adventurous type. He was born in Okinawa, Japan, September 23, 1995. Let’s get in his life a wee bit more hmm? So Rochii was the oldest of three (you heard me) three young deviously annoying sisters. He went on a very big adventure *cough* featured in my story I’m writing *cough* to a world unknown to the animals of the real world.

So this concludes my article on Rochii.

I am NOT done making the story =)

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