I was sitting in the chair humming a tune then I heard something drop. “Mmm ” I said sitting there (boy.. I couldn’t wait to figure out who did that >:]) So I got up and went into the kitchen. “Nooooo!! Why why why!!!” I yelled. My I pod fell on the tile floor ( like my cat would flop down on it ) and broke. I was screaming for like uhh . . . . well for a while. Then I asked my mom to get me a new one then she said no ( of course )….. well my mom made it up by getting me a gigantic Hello Kitty.

Show offs…

Mann.. I hate show offs the neighbors here are those. They show off there fancy new stuff like swing sets, patio furniture, etc. Well maybe sometimes I am one but like only for a moment in time like uh well you know hmm?

Hi everyone

I’m new here and I want to just say that its nice to meet so many people here. I’m still confused about what goes on around here but I’m cool with that.

 Meeting new people is such a joy. =)

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