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Hello! Wow

This has been such a long time

I remembered that i actually had one of these Lol.

Time sure has flown by. I’m 18 year old high school senior now

I still draw and what not.

Checking around and giggling at my older blog posts. Ahah.

Long time!!!!

long time no talky

as if i wasn’t being distracted :D

ha ha haaa I was addicted to

super smash brothers brawl *angelic choir*

so yea

soooooooo much time wasted

oh yeahhh

I am in a singing competition like American  Idol

but totally different

heres two picture I drew on that subject made with my sketch pan

toon link

hurray It may say stuff because of my sketch pan account


ooooh and heres L for the heck of it ;P


Well ain’t they cute

well that’s all for now


bye bye~

drawings horrible or just a doodle

heres some of my drawings that are pretty lame





heres my comment on what i think


well i thinks there just doodles what do you think?

I’m backkkk XD

I was like having the awesome summer of my life but I forgot my camera O.o Time for my getaway!

Okay I’m set freee freeee I tell you~! My name is Rosaro. I’m justa little ball of fluff for an imp, one day ill be bigger =D or turn into a human.
Well I fell through the sky coming from a distant planet.


I hope ill become human


And remember kids say no to evil cupcakes XD

now for the ending theme songgg

(The lyrics go to Last resort)

Cut my steak into pieces, this is a plastic fork!

starvation no eating

I don’t care if people are seeing

this is a plastic fork!

( don’t know the rest.. especially the third part. lyrics by Weird Al )

The reason and Chiffon’s brother

Well I haven’t been on because of my evil cousins. They hate Hello Kitty

and take advantage of my laptop.

Well thats the reason.

Now, in this post I’ll be talking about Chiffon’s brother.


He he he I’m Icing Chiffon’s younger bro. And you just got owned~!
I am friends with Tea so ya I’m awesome too.
I like to play Frisbee and soccer (Since Chiffon is so sporty I became one too)
Okay well I like to eat spicy curry and drink soda pop.
andd I luff my family especially Chiffon *dun dun dunn* >:]
Soo enough about meh lets talk about making plans to annoy my sister

Lovely I have to say

Wait your being sarcastic!

Yes I am, yes I am…

de dee deee

That was todays-ays post! dun dun dun dunnnn~ ♥

Remember: Wash your hands after you use the bathroom Jeez look how dirty they are :]

What would Cinnamorall look like as a real dog?

Here is what Cinnamorall looks now


But what would Cinnamorall look like as a dog? Would he still look like how he is in his adorable toon way or would he look like a lab or another type of dog?

Well here is my answer.


Don’t he look so cute and he looks so real! Now I want him even more as a pet!

That was todays post Bye Bye!

Cookie the sister of Tea

Yall heard of Tea and Cashews right

( if you haven’t read my last two post I guess you don’t )


Hi everyone I’m Cookie I have three brothers in my life so its a pain.. Yeah so I play the guitair and sing in the band with my younger bro not Cashew Tea and my older bro Coffee-cake. We argue sometimes (I mean like all the time) and fight over silly things. Well i like to eat cookies and candy and drink Chocolate milk. I keep myself fit my taking gymnastics. I’m not the smartest wong ton on the poo poo plater if you know what I mean ^^.

Rock On ♪♪☺♥

Well that was pretty cool.

(by the way she DOES NOT have a mohawk)


Reminder: As what Tea said ‘Don’t step out your backyard door’

Tea and Cashews hmm?

(No paintings here heh)

Well I tried painting again cause I was bored..

I got my hair cut.. It was so long \(T_T)/

Okay then not to get into that…

Well in this post I will be talking about the brotherly love of Tea and Cashews.

If you haven’t read my last post then you don’t know about Tea.

Tea: My little bro ish a awesomeness kid man you can just hug him and stuff. Yea I’m tough but I got a spot for my bro dude.

Cashew: I luff me big brother he iss great he takes me to places and gives me cookies (Note: not his sister)


Tea is the black one and Cashew is the grey one.


Heres Cashew! ♪

and  on the bottom is Tea! ♪


and heres Tea painting with his tail!


Tea the Retriver

Thanks to my friend Yuki whom inspired me to make a Cinnamorall friend or so.

Instead of a Cinnamoangel I decided it would be a Cinnamodevil ^^


Well his name is Tea, and he likes things that a pup
couldn’t do.
his favorite color is Magenta ( don’t say that is shocking for a boy dog ) and he likes to play pranks on the neighbors, friends but not family.

He loves his family and has a soft spot for them.
He loves to eat Ramen noodles, drink tea (of course)

The pup is so hyper he’d be racing with Chiffon but he loses =(
So the pup is in a band with his older brother Coffee-cake and his sister Cookie.

Tea: Hiya losers its meh the totally awesome and devious little pup, Tea.
I’d like to say IN YOUR FACE I got a break in stardom *.*
as I was saying If you want to be friends with me ^^ don’t step out your back door ^^ and don’t flush your nearest toilet ^^ Well don’t think that I’m all tough ’cause everybody has a soft spot in the heart. My soft spot would probably go to my little bro Cashew ^^

Well I thought that was wonderful (yeah right)

Remember: Mario and Luigi have mustaches <.<

Emotions; Confusing yet wonderful

Everybody you past by has a story behind them like me

Then a hero be born

or a an enemy be formed

Friends come and go

familys there

emotions are forever

DON’T make people cry..

( I never did)

Never be mean or say things that would hurt people or there hard work on things



Well that is it no randomness in this post

Who is it? gimme a name :o

I’ve always wondered a certain characters name its a she I know that but

Whats her name!

Shes a Cinnamoangel So she probably a character from Cinnamorall’s thing


Well whats her name!?!?!?!?!?!
*Mind speaking* Why are you asking.. this dumb question. Maybe no one knows….
*heart talking* Well people should know.. because its a Cinnamoangel just like Cinnamorall and his friends..

Okay yalls are no help!

Thats all folks ^^

[Omg its over O.o]

Remember: Questions are caused by answers

Adorable things

Well I love to share about adorable things but first I’ll show you a pic ^^


So well everthing is so cute to me, I’ll talk about it anyway.

Well I like puppies because they are fuffy and soft just like kitties ^^

Cinnamorall and his friends are cute too ~^^~

Pikachu is cute even if its a rat type >.>

I love penguins! there like one of the awesome flight-less birds.

Summer all the time

Here is a poem about summer piccature.jpg

 Summer heres couldn’t wait

 See the sunset aww thats great

 Swim in a beach or at the pool

 Dive in and stay cool

 Schools out thats for sure

 Lets have fun and even more

 They made this break so we have fun

 And this is for everyone

 Travel to places

  My oh my 

  Summers here

  Lets all cheer!
cinna-in-a-pool.jpg<- its cute ^^

Well Cinnamorall is haveing fun swimming in his. . .

What is it a pool or a tub?

Sisters >.>

Well I started to make my sister a blog

here blog thing is uhh well


she loves (I mean really loves ) Mocha



Well instead of Cinnamorall..

dun dun dunnn…

I wanted to draw Cappuccino!

he or she is at the zoo *~*


Lol hes scared

but its cute!

well this post was a waste ahh well.



the picture says it all


please! T.T

  • Its so cute ^^


Well I thought of what Cinnamorall would wear (in his adorable outfit line)

so I drew him as a conductor leading you to cat food land =3 *bad pun*


Cinnamorall: Hi lets get started with our tour!


*Choo Choo*

Cinnamorall: Let’s go!

-Awhile Later-


Cinnamorall: Here we are!

Cinnamorall: Lets see the cat food!






Cinnamorall: Well thats it for today! Bye now!

Well Cinnatrain came to me in an idea so I might be using it for anything.

Now I can make a tour with Cinnamorall!


Remember: 75% of stupidity is caused by edu-ma-ca-tion

Pikachu and uhh some-fing random

Oh MY Gosh


just kidding =3

Okay so I got a game for  my DS , I felt like sharing about ^^

(no reasons necessary, just sit d-o-w-n)

Okay  since I’M a fan-a-tic about cute things.. ~I like Pikachu!~

I got the game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.

I am a Pikachu (in your face ^^)

I beat the game already

*I got it like a uhhh what was it uhh well I didn’t get it now ^^”*


La la la laaa..

Its so cute! sad.jpg

Randy Jackson!

Sweet sugar mama puff daddy!

Like oh my gosh!~!~!~!

(Ima miss the good old days) =(

Schools over?!?!

Yay band is over like awesomeness


I drew this like after I got home from band practice (I play the flute)

So I drew this picture because I will miss band..

Heres a shout out to my friends that like ninjas (not like Naruto and stuff)


=) yay for the nin


Don’t do it! It will BITE you back!

~Puffy fruit~

 Hi yall!~!~! Kiwis are puffy fruit and wonderful flight less birds!~!~!

Ya calling meh a lier?

Psh duh 

Oh that is so it!

*please stand by*

summer all the time !

oh and heres a poem





Yummy yummy taste!

Eat it 

Eat it

Eat it

Eat it 

And watch out for your face

REMEMBER: One day you will see..

dun dun dunnnn

All about me dude!

Hi, I’m Jasmine =3

I am a Japanese-American

I love to draw and write

My friends call me Kiwi, since I’m crazy for the fruit (I’ll bite you if you don’t give me some)

I am a bit crazy

Alexis: Pshaw yeah right

I’ll bite you!

Alexis: Ahhh run away run far away!

*Snickers *

Okay so see a drawings that I already put on my posts











The star will land in your front yard.

I want to be a ninja !~!~!~!~!~!~

La la la la la la la

I luff fruit!

yay for that !~~!~!~!~!

( be my hero \(^~^)/)

Remember: I will hurt you for your fruit


Well I was drawing random pictures of weird stuff so uhh go spend you time on  reading and looking at the junk I put here O.o

pikachuu-weirdo.jpg<— he he he

LOL weirdo pikachu


What are you doing to the picture ? Ahh well.

Gosh I AM NOT a kimono fan…


I’m a go evil he he he..


Yay orchestra conductor Toon Link!~!~!

DO RE MI FA SO LA TI DO!~!~!~!~!

Remember: Chickens want to cross the road.

Who’s hungry?

Well people get hungry and do things while they wait for uhh food!

Me? I’m not much of a food person, but I get hungry so ( Its kinda obvious ) I draw [told ya so]


See this pic-a-ture (sounds more like pikachu >.>) pikachu.jpg

Okay then I’m hungry! I drew Cinnamorall eating a cinnabun (Kinda strange)

I got so hungry ^^

La la la la la la ^^

I don’t know what to do^^

La la la la la la^^

I mine as well^^

Gonna go eat you^^


Inspiring Light

Well In everything I draw (on paper) I put in an inspiring light.

insparation-light.jpg<– here it isss

Looks familiar doesn’t it?

It came from the Legend of Zelda. My bro told me to use the light thingy in my pictures.

toon-link.jpg<– My bro drew this.
Psshaw my bro did a great job.

The ball of light is so inspirational. Now I use it a lot in my drawings.

Okay done with this post No wait I need the poem.

Here it is..

The light is so bright

The light is so pure

As if the heavens touched

It remains all good~☺

~ ^.^ ~

Remember: Potatoes have to be assembled.

Chow~ie~der uhh er.

Hmm yes I felt like doing something different so lets get-ith to the picture!


So.. I get bored when I watch T.V okay.. I started to watch this show Chowder.

Brother says: Hmm yes thats tight.. I guess ^^”

Cousin says: Yay Chowder!

I say: Hmmph my arm hurts for drawing that…

Okay so I did brake my arm on purpose.

Let’s talk-ith about Chowder shall we?


Is he a bear, a rabbit, or a cat thingy?

Anwser Me~!~!~!

Okay so >.>” well uhh..

REMEMBER~: Carrots want to be a cake ‘3′<— face thingy

Heres a poem.

What is Chowder

UHH.. I can’t take it any more! I’m out of here! =(


That was today’s uhh post.

¿~½ of a brain?

Uhh a message I guess..

Well I may have uh *cough* on purpose *cough* broke my one arm.. my writing/drawing hand… now I’m using my left hand so its a pain..

Waaaaah! *sniffle* I can’t draw.. for like a while.

I have no idea how to put my drawings that are not made with a computer here

So go LOL but I don’t care x3

angel-boy.jpg<– yay a picture from a long time ago!

Star<– this one I made because I got BORED when my sister was all like uhh being annoying


I’m so angry like I dunno Like the evil pie

Remember: Tomatoes can get mad at you if you set them near an apple

Blog of the week OMG

I checked the blog of the week, and it was me!~!~!~ Cha!

I knew all my hard work will pay off.


Yay for me!

Okay back to reality. Everything I done was great even though I made mistakes. Life is great when you try hard and never make mistakes. Thank everyone who helped you out and be appreciated for what you do in life.


Eh heh heh heh

Well not a fan of moving.. It’s kinda scary.

  1. You need to make new friends
  2. Its a wee bit hard to get use to the place
  3. Its hard to build trust with people
  4. You don’t know what to do next

Well I’m moving but I don’t know what to do. So I wrote a poem

 Life can brutal

 Life can be cruel

 Life can be painful

 Don’t know what to do

 Life is a joy

 Oh boy oh boy

 Precious with pride~♪

 Be glad to be alive~☺

Maybe I’m still anxious about that but drawing and making poetry at home has made me feel better. ^.^”


Do any of you LIKE asparagus?

Well I don’t. I think its the most disgusting kinda of vegetable there is!~!~!

Not to get personal with other people who like it, its just that I’m bored and I felt like writing something.

So I walk in the kitchen and I’m all like ” Hey what ARE you cooking mom”and shes all like ” OH your favorites”

and I’m like “oh really

So she said “Don’t you back sass me hon”

AND we ate. Then all of a sudden a started spitting up uhhh stuff (lets not get into that)

So I started yelling saying “whats in here!?!?! ”

thennn my mom said “Your favorites, asparagus”

I said “Mom! I hate asparagus you knew that since the day you ever showed me it!~!~!~!~!~!~”

she said “Oh well worth a try”

Well sometimes moms are eh’s but they take care of you till the day you move out. (I’m only 14) =(

Had an OMG moment?

Like oh my gosh!~!~

Well my best friends threw a big party to scare me like I dunno.. really scary. They love to scare mean even if it’s not Halloween, (I think it’s so mean because I’m gullible )

I was all like ‘ La la la la la la la la’

and thenn…


I jumped and screamed then fell on the ground and got hurt like I broke my ankle…

(That was mean!)

I WILL get them back

Smiles are forever :3

Family and friends gather around, to see me and my friends preform. Although we may have messed up, we kept our smiles on and preformed. Even if they have passed we kept our smiles and remembered the good time we had with them while tears roll down our eyes

Though even through the tough times we had our smiles kept us going.

A poem by : me…

Smiles that are kept

Smiles are forever

Smiles that are shared

Smiles are forever

Smiles through pain

Smiles are forever

Smiles that gain

Smiles are forever

Forever that you know

They will always show

kid-cat.jpg<– by me, Kid Cat7

Enjoy life now and never regret your choice in life as long as its a good one.


Smiles can last for a very long time and they can change the world.

( \( ‘ . ^ )/ yay a hero!~!~! ) *ahem*

Cinnamorall and friends questions

free-falling-friends.jpg<— I drew this with a mouse =)

Cinnamorall and his friends are totally cute!~!~!~! Who wouldn’t love them?

Cousin says: I love them a lot and I just want to hug them!

Thats good if people love them right?

Sister says: Awww I want them as a pet!

Well people would you love them as a pet people?

Brother says: Pfft they are kinda cute to admit..

Well people do you know people who is a boy that loves any other Hello Kitty, or friends?

Best friend say: My brother likes them, shocking to believe *ahem*

How much do you love Sanrio’s characters?

Best friend2 says: Thats easy to explain. I love them as much as the sky touches the galaxy!

This concludes the questions for today!~!~!~! BYE! people!!!!

If you have questions tell me and I’ll ask my friends and family members then put it on here.

My favorite Sanrio character


Okay well this little fella is my favorite Sanrio character ’cause it’s sooo cute!!! I get the name mixed up. It’s Cinnamorall right? uhhh sp yeah I do get the name mixed up a lot =) but its cute right?

This picture is my first Cinnamorall picture I made without looking at anything to help me draw it.

Here is a poem for it (I am not good at making poems =[ )

Why is it so addicting

Why is it so cute

Has I gone crazy

Or maybe I’m just lazy

Sanrio has cute characters

but Cinnamorall is best

If it were on a scale

Numbered 1 through 10

I’d give it a eleven cause

I heard about the buzz

WOW I stink at poems ahhh well.cinnamoral-at-ther-c.jpgI drew it with a mouse seriously.

Face to face eyes alone

 Standing there I knew that I wasn’t awake (like duh I was sleeping).My refection shone all through out the room (It was kinda creepy how a lot of me’s  was like looking at me) standing there I wonder what if this was me or was I over there.I walked closer and closer to myself.(boy I have crazy dreams)

I picked up a note and it said “Even if eyes alone can see the soul, It’s the heart that makes it special”. and so I’m all like looking at myself then raised my hand just like me in my refection then the hands touched.

A Light shone and wiped the darkness away letting the mirrors burst and me just standing there.

Daily random! issue 1 part 1 at school.

Well I want ed to write something funny that happen to my best friend ant school. Okay, so we went to visit the little kid’s school. My friend was walking backwards then she went over the little almost falling backwards. Then we started laughing really hard The little boy came up to her and grabbed her backpack strap and said “Your gonna pay for that” then my other best friend said “Ha! ha! you just got told”. My friend was freaked out by the little kid and said “I’m never coming back to that school again, Its not a wish its a promise”

But then we broke out laughing again the my awesome ( boyfriend) friend came and said something stupid. Like “Can someone give the kid a Happy meal!” SO we all laughed and had a good time.

Becoming emo?

Well I couldn’t seem to see what emotion I should go on after the loss of someone I love…. I don’t know if to remember the good times, or just throw down the broken pieces of life. Why is there so many questions with no answers?

I can’t think!!!~!~! Am I becoming EMO?

nothing won’t make any sense!

A hint of depression will enter the heart…..

A Made-up Thing

rochii Blahhh Blah Blah Blah

I made this character up because of Sanrio’s characters I’ve been following. This is a combination of a dog and a rabbit, so you can say hes like a rabbit-dog or dog-rabbit.His name is Rochii and hes the adventurous type. He was born in Okinawa, Japan, September 23, 1995. Let’s get in his life a wee bit more hmm? So Rochii was the oldest of three (you heard me) three young deviously annoying sisters. He went on a very big adventure *cough* featured in my story I’m writing *cough* to a world unknown to the animals of the real world.

So this concludes my article on Rochii.

I am NOT done making the story =)


me Thinking

Ever stop to think when you already have the idea? Well umm.. it happens to me a lot when I draw. It gets so confusing, your mind feels like a tornado has hit and you can’t pickup the pieces of your original idea (well maybe not like that) So umm well that makes me feel all weird when I think with and idea in my head heh.. =\


Well I love to draw.Drawing is a gate for me to unleash my potential in creativity this is me<— This is what I look like ☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻

I drew this on paint. Well I’m not good using a mouse. I spent half of my life drawing pictures in notebooks, sketch books, paper etc. I got inspired by people that draw a lot too. My dad first started getting me to draw. ☺☻♥☺☻♥☺☻♥☺☻♥☺☻♥

If I made a mistake

Okay in some of my posty thingys I made mistakes in them , so please don’t bomb all over them.

People Make Mistakes Thats Why Pencils Have Eraser.

I’m sad..

emotacon!~!~!~     I’m sad        

Well have you ever lost something important in your life?

Of course everyones had but If your Sad too don’t worry Things happen in life you can’t stop.But the wounds are deep. Never forget who you are and remember that the still love you even if passed…

The really creeepy doll

Okay so I was like sitting in my room one day and then this hello kitty was all like staring at me. I’m thinking that my kid sister did that ( well she didn’t =[ ) then it fell on the floor and I’m all like “Okay then…” . Then when I left the room to get a soda pop or whatever then came back to the room. the hello kitty was on my bed so a ran out and fell over the pillow.

Its all my moms fault that ‘it’ scared me. =(


I was sitting in the chair humming a tune then I heard something drop. “Mmm ” I said sitting there (boy.. I couldn’t wait to figure out who did that >:]) So I got up and went into the kitchen. “Nooooo!! Why why why!!!” I yelled. My I pod fell on the tile floor ( like my cat would flop down on it ) and broke. I was screaming for like uhh . . . . well for a while. Then I asked my mom to get me a new one then she said no ( of course )….. well my mom made it up by getting me a gigantic Hello Kitty.

Show offs…

Mann.. I hate show offs the neighbors here are those. They show off there fancy new stuff like swing sets, patio furniture, etc. Well maybe sometimes I am one but like only for a moment in time like uh well you know hmm?

Hi everyone

I’m new here and I want to just say that its nice to meet so many people here. I’m still confused about what goes on around here but I’m cool with that.

 Meeting new people is such a joy. =)

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