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A Plea To The White Deity

Friday, October 10th, 2008

(Keroppi’s thoughts: Kyorosuke got a life-size ice sculpture from the White Deity. I wonder how he will bring that home. It’s strange why the Deity easily gave something away…has our task started already? Ribbit!)

Kyorosuke: Kyoro Kyoro Kyoro Kyoro Kyoro…I’m so happy! My very own pretty girl ice sculpture!!!

Mimmy: Guuu-ic!

Ganta: *jumped towards the White Deity* Sir…are you one of the Stone Deities? We need your help!

Keroleen: Yes, please help us…Ouch! Mimmy, stop pulling! We need to bring our friend back..Ouch…to normal…Owieee!!!

*Ganta explained to the White Deity about Mimmy’s reversed aging condition. Then he showed the Deity the colored stones which materialized from his strange dream.*

Ganta: According to the dream, we must find items represented by each of the stones. Those items are needed to cure Mimmy. Please…help us…*cough cough hem*

The White Deity’s Domain

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

Keroppi: What the heck is wrong with this thing?! *shakes the DS map violently* Ribbit!

Keroleen: Be careful, you might break that! Ow! Ow! Mimmy! You’ll break my hair!!!

Ganta: Why? You don’t see anything? *cough cough*

Keroppi: Well…the white stone has been flashing and there’s this clear blob on the screen…you think it’s broken? I mean it’s getting colder the farther we go, the temperature must have done something to it.

Ganta: Let me see that. *takes the DS map and inspects the gadget* It’s impossible for this device to break. Angie has enhanced it by magic.

Keroleen: Mimmy! Stop pulling my hair!!!

Mimmy: Guu…ga…gaaa…

Ganta: *ignoring the fiasco of the two girls* That’s not a blob! It’s like a clear statue or gashapon that has not taken form yet. See the stand part?

Keroppi: Ohh, I see…

*Not looking at where he is going Keroppi suddenly bumped into something cold.*

Keroppi: Ohhh my gaaa!!! I’m stuck! *The slime on his face froze along with the obstruction he just hit.*

Keroleen: Keroppi!!!!

Mimmy: Praaa-g!

Ganta: We can’t let him stay there for long! His whole body is going to freeze! *croak* We have to melt part of the ice to free him!

Kyorosuke: What will you ever do without me? *wink*

Ganta: O_o I didn’t even notice your arrival!!!

Mimmy: Praaa-g!

Kyorosuke: That’s the way of the samurai, my friend. Now, let’s see what we’re going to do about this…

Keroppi: Urriiii uph!!! Eth urts aredy!!!

*Kyorosuke removed the Flame crystal from around his neck and wore it around Keroppi. The crystal glowed and slowly, part of the ice melted, freeing the unfortunate frog from his almost-icy doom.*

Keroppi: I thought I was a goner!!! *removes the Flame crystal and gives it back to Kyorosuke.* Thanks man! You’re a life-saver.

Ganta: I wonder what this obstruction is…? *inspects the ice formation and takes a few steps back to see it from another angle* Guys…I think we just found the domain of the White Deity

Hikari no Yaiba’s Chosen User

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

Kyorosuke: That Red Deity is sure one cool dude. *stares at the Flame Jewel Tadakatsu left for them* Did you see how he used his sword? It was awesome!

Ganta: Yeah..*cough cough* That attack he did must be very hard to learn. *swings the Hikari no Yaiba in mid-air*

Kyorosuke: Do you actually know how to use that sword? I mean…it’s almost as big as you…

*Kyorosuke was interrupted by a scream.*

Pink Bear: HELP US!!!

*Pink Bear and her group is being attacked by the flying monkey that kidnapped Mimmy. To make things worst, it has called reinforcements.*

Keroppi: Oh no! Ribbit! That flying monkey is still alive!

Kyorosuke: Oh boy…

Keroleen: What are we going to do? *Cradling the now infant Mimmy in her arms.*

Kyorosuke: Ganta, allow me to use that sword. I’ll try to help Pink Bear and defeat those nasty creatures.

Ganta: But…

Kyorosuke: No buts!!! You go on ahead and find the other Deities. Time is running out! *Nods his head towards the infant Mimmy.* Let me handle this.

Keroppi: This is dangerous! We can’t leave you alone! We will do everything together! No one will be left behind! Ribbit!

Kyorosuke: Don’t worry about me…*wink* Now go!!! I’ll catch up with you in awhile. 

*Keroppi could no longer argue. He joined Keroleen, Mimmy and Ganta, and the four of them ran of ahead to find the next Deity.*

Kyorosuke: Ok birdies! Time to meet your maker!!!

*His eyes burned red with courage. The Flame Jewel which now dangles around his neck glowed fiercely as well. Kyorosuke removed his cape and took a few steps back then jumped up, slicing the legendary sword in the air.*

Kyorosuke: AIR STRIKE!!!

*Dropping on the ground safely, he looked up just in time to see one of the monkey birds feathers exploding, leaving the creature totally bald in the air. Without any feathers, the bird dropped to the ground.*

Kyorosuke: Yeah! This is going to be fun. *smirk* Who wants some moooore?!?! *Holds tightly around the now glowing sword and poses for another attack.*

Pictures for the Deity

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

*Kyorosuke peeked inside the house of the Red Stone Deity, carrying with him the fruits of his task.*

Kyorosuke: Why am I feeling nervous about this?  Looking for pictures of beautiful women should be a piece of cake! *shakes head* I can do this! I devoted so much time and effort in looking for these pictures to help Mimmy. She could be annoying at times, but she’s still a damsel in distress, and a good friend of mine.

*The Red Stone Deity was seated inside the living room, cleaning his feather-stained sword. He seems to be praying over it as he cleans the blade meticulously. Suddenly, he stands up and points his sword towards the door.*

Tadakatsu: Name yourself stranger! *still pointing his sword towards the door*

Kyorosuke: *gulp* It is I, Kyorosuke. I have come to show you the fruits of my labor.

Tadakatsu: I see…Then show it to me!

*Kyorosuke shakily hands the pictures to the Red Stone Deity.*

Aragaki Yui Aragaki Yui

Erika Toda Erika Toda

Sawajiri Erika Sawajiri Erika

Matsuura Aya Matsuura Aya

Ueto Aya Ueto Aya

Kyorosuke’s Expertise

Monday, September 29th, 2008

Goodluck Kyorosuke! The task given by Red Stone Deity is really something. We know you can do it! Well, you’re the only one who can do it among all of us.  You have a good eye for this kind of task. Ribbit! :D


Friday, September 26th, 2008

Ganta: MIMMY!!! Where are you!?!? *cough cough*

Keroppi: *picks up a yellow ribbon* She dropped this…I wonder what direction she took?

Kyorosuke: Little brat!!! When I see her, I’ll definitely put her in a sack!

Keroppi: What’s that sound?

Mimmy: HEEEEY! Biwdie!!!

Ganta: She’s up in the sky!!! MIMMY!!!

The Red Stone Deity

Saturday, September 20th, 2008

Mimmy: Give me CANDYYYY!!!! *pulls Keroleen’s hair*

Keroleen: Owieeee!!! >.< Stop pulling my hair! Somebody please stop her!

Mimmy: I WANT CANDY!!! NOW!!!

Keroppi: Can someone put her in a cage or a sack or something…Ribbit!

Kyorosuke: Mimmy-chan~~~

Mimmy: Bleh!!! Nasty frog! *sticks tongue out at Kyorosuke* Slimy! Slimy! You don’t take a bath! Bleh!

Kyorosuke: … *sobs in the corner* My charm doesn’t work on anybody anymore…

Ganta: *looks at the stone case indicator* Guys….*croak* …the red stone is glowing and something’s blinking on the screen…

Keroppi: What is it?

Mimmy: Is it candy?!

Ganta: It’s some sort of samurai sword…*cough cough*

Kyorosuke: Does that mean we have to look for a Samurai in SanrioTown?! Is there even one around?

Keroleen: I have a bad feeling about this…

Ganta: Samurai…Samurai…I know there’s one here. I’ve read about his/her existence somewhere…I just don’t remember where…

Keroleen: Oh nooo…what kind of task will this new Deity give us…

Keroppi: I heard of a story before…about a White-haired Samurai in SanrioTown…He’s quite popular with the ladies, but in the past few months, no one has seen him…

Kyorosuke: Ladies eh…I need to have a chat with this Samurai. Hehehe.

Ganta: Do you think he’s still around?

Keroppi: Let’s check out his place! Ribbit! I’m game!

Keroleen: I’m scared…what if he challenges us into a fight…

Ganta: For Mimmy’s sake…

Keroppi: Then, we’re off to the Samurai’s Hideout!

Candied Aquamarine

Friday, September 19th, 2008

*croak* Finally, we passed the trial of the Blue Stone Deity. It wasn’t that hard after all, but I think we shouldn’t let our guard down. We don’t know who the other deities are yet and the kind of tasks they will give.

The Blue Stone Deity gave us an Aquamarine jewel as proof that we already passed. The device that Angie gave us is actually amazing! Besides housing the magical stones I got from that strange dream, it can also magically keep the items we should gather in this journey. *cough cough*

Before I can actually place the Aquamarine jewel in the case, Mimmy grabbed it from me and ate it! >.< She thought it was a piece of candy! Kyorosuke had to get it from her…*hem hem* I’m really sorry for what he did to her, but it had to be done…

Please Mimmy, don’t be mad anymore. Something much more worse could have happened to you if ever that Aquamarine was ingested. I’ll buy you REAL candies and sweets when we get back. *croak cough*

*sigh* As time goes by, she becomes smaller and much harder to relate with…We’d better find the next Deity…

Go for Blue!

Friday, September 12th, 2008

Mimmy: Lucky guess! Why is that penguin a deity anyway? Can I have my candy now? *extends a paw to Ganta*

Ganta: Just a moment Mimmy, the deity of the Blue Stone is speaking. We have to listen first.

Mimmy: I WANT CANDY!!!!

Kyorosuke: You little kitten…! *smothers Mimmy with his cape* We’re doing this for your own good.

Ganta: *cough cough* This quiz is tough…

*Finally, after minutes of concentration, Ganta got the result needed and presented it to the Blue Stone deity.*

Your Gemstone is Aquamarine
Intuitive, tranquil, and trusting.
You inspire others to have faith in themselves.

What Gemstone Are You?



The Blue Stone Deity

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

Keroppi: Hey Ganta! It’s time to go!

Mimmy: *struggling from Keroleen’s grip* I don’t want to go! I want to stay with my Mama. I want to ride an airplane! I want to drink milk! Let me go! Let me go!

Keroleen: …

Ganta: Mimmy, calm down. We’ll bring you back to normal. Please trust us.

Mimmy: NOOOOOOOOO! You’re scary! I want my Mama!!!

*Ganta sighed…and looked sadly at the how small Mimmy has become the past few days. Her personality has changed as well and has become very spoiled and demanding.*

Kyorosuke: Mimmy-chan~ Here’s some strawberry milk~

Mimmy: Meow~! Milk! Thank you uncle frog!

Kyorosuke: *face fault* Uncle?!?! I’m still young, handsome and available!!!

Mimmy: Uncle…single eh? Then you’ll stay that way! *sticks tongue out*

Kyorosuke: Why you little…!

Ganta: Hold it! *Blocks Kyorosuke from confronting Mimmy.* Please understand her, she’s turning back into a child…

Angie: GANTA! GANTA! I’m glad I caught up with you! I made something that will surely work! It’s a special case to house the magic stones.

Keroppi: What’s that for? Ribbit!

Angie: *opening a gold Nintendo DS like device* Here you go! Just place all the stones in the slots then refer to the upper screen with the map. Magic has this way of calling one another. Maybe this will help you find the things you’re looking for.

Ganta: Let’s try it! *cough cough*

*He placed the colored stones in the slots and waited for the device to work. Suddenly the blue stone glowed and something flashed on the upper screen.*

Angie: I’m so happy! It’s working!

Ganta: This is cool! *ahem hem* This will make our journey easier. Thank you very much Angie!

*He stared at the flashing images on the screen. First a question mark then a penguin then a heart.*

Ganta: I wonder what that means? Is the blue stone referring to someone we must visit? *cough cough*

Keroleen: Maybe it’s someone that loves penguins…that’s  tough…lots of people love penguins…

Keroppi: What’s the question mark for?

Kyorosuke: Questions! Questions! So many questions! *sigh* Life is like a quiz, it’s so hard.

Keroleen: Wait…you’re leading somewhere Kyorosuke!