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Friday, August 22nd, 2008

My sweet Mimmy…a bug…*cough cough* Why did the love of my life turn into a creature that I fear…? I want her back the way she really is. *croak*

I’m confused…no…I’m afraid…I want to hold her but I couldn’t…*gulp* I can hear her sad buzzing in my ear. Is she crying? I want to console her but fear suddenly overcomes me.

What should I do? *ahem ahem* I want to be strong. For Mimmy’s sake. I want to help her.


Monday, November 5th, 2007

ganta*Ehem* Hello! My name is Ganta!*Hem hem* …sorry for the gruff voice…I have a frog in my throat…*ehem* Lol! Frog in my throat, that’s funny.

Pardon my intrusion in this blog. I’m just to lazy to make my own, so I’m using Keroppi’s account to post my thoughts and feelings. *Ehem*

Last Halloween was the best night of my life. *cough* Since I got a pretty cool flashlight from Mimmy during my birthday, I got to face my fears. Speaking of birthdays…Belated Happy Birthday to Mimmy!

Anyway, back to my flashlight. *Ehem* As a test of courage, my friends and I decided to explore the scary, old house at the other side of Donut Pond . *Ehem* With my flashlight, I’m not afraid of the dark anymore and no ghost would dare to scare me! *Hem hem* Maybe that’s why we didn’t see any ghosts.

Hahhh! Fear the flashlight wielding Ganta! I shall smite all of you with my light!



Friday, August 17th, 2007

If there are things that make me happy, sad or angry, there are definitely things that make me scared.

Fears of a frog:



Unfortunate Accident

I know, I know…I may have been watching a lot of exaggerated animes lately, but these are actually true and I think a lot of frogs will agree with me on this.