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Friday, September 4th, 2009


Just when I thought I’ll be having a relaxing weekend, Keroppi just invited a bunch of friends over…Friends over means party, party means food, food means Keroleen will cook…


I know I’m over-worked, but I feel more like "over-cooked" since I’ve been cooking a lot lately. At times like these, I can’t think of a good menu to serve.

Don’t get me wrong, but I love cooking. I just need a little break sometimes…Sooo…anybody wants to help me out in the kitchen this weekend?



Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Being part of a triplet seems to be the trend in the frog world. Me and my siblings, Pikki and Koroppi are triplets, and my friends, Kerokupo, Kerokuku and Kerokupe are also triplets.

It’s actually fun to have lots of siblings, but sometimes it can also lead to arguments and headaches. For example, who will use the bathroom first or who will get the last slice of cake or what show to watch…Endless conflict! Ribbit!

Our parents always told us to share, but we always fight on who will use the car, computer, game console, etc. Have you ever wondered that when you want to use something, your siblings want to use the same item at the same time as well, but when you’re not using it, they don’t use it, too? Ribbit! Hehehe.

That’s why I’d rather have my own things. Our parents would say that it’s not practical, but I’d rather save myself from all the fighting and crying. Maybe when it comes to expensive things like cars and appliances, we should share. In times of conflicting usage, one of us should learn to sacrifice and give it the person who needs it the most. As for more personal stuff like computers and mobile phones, it has come to the point that each of us should have our own.

When is it to share? When is it not to share? It all depends on the things that you do and prioritize, but always keep in mind your own paying capacity. Hehehe. Ribbit!


It’s So Hot!

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

I’m really sorry for the lack of updates…

I’ve been so depressed lately…

It’s summer…

I don’t like the heat. :(

It’s making me dehydrate.

Ribbit! *slump*


Stormy Days Are Here Again

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

Argh! Storm signal #3!!! Ribbit!

I like rain, but I don’t like storms this strong (heavy rains, strong winds, floods, falling trees, no electricity, etc.). Rain is no longer fun if it’s this dangerous. >.<

Now that the storm left our area, we have to clean up Donut Pond from all the fallen leaves, branches and other stuff that scattered around. Good thing it didn’t flood in our area and the rain didn’t go through the windows.

The news have mentioned that a lot of places flooded. That’s too bad. :( I hope everything will be fine for all the people that was affected by the storm. Ribbit!

Anyway, time to sleep early. Tomorrow is a big day for clean up. I hope by then, the skies are already clear.

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008




*looks at older blog posts*



Why are you using my blog as a place to get dates!?! Ribbit!!!

Musical Kitchen

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

Keroleen: ZRIBBIT! What’s all that commotion in the kitchen?! *hops to the kitchen*

Ganta: Hi Keroleen! *croak* These pans make great sounds when lined up precisely and hit with the right force. So are the glasses.

Keroleen: GANTA! ZRIBBIT! Please don’t practice your drum playing in the kitchen. All my kitchenware are fragile! Noooo! Not the Pyrex measuring glass Keroppi’s mother gave me! T-T

Ganta: …I’m so sorry Keroleen…*hem hem*

Keroleen: Please…please…don’t treat my kitchenware as toys…T-T *sob* You already have your video game to practice with…Please don’t play in my kitchen, I know that you really want to improve your skills, but this is not the right place to do it…

Ganta: *tries to comfort the crying Keroleen but decided not to* I’m so sorry… *and he quietly left the kitchen*

Rock Music

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

*hem hem* Mimmy. Mimmy. How come you still don’t take notice of me? I thought you like rock and roll? I am a rock after all, but with a heart as soft as a marshmallow.

ganta thinking Call me simple-minded, but I really find that Jun kid really out of this world. He likes to associate rocks with guitars, what does that suppose to mean? *cough hem* Is he saying that rock and roll is some sort of music? I can make music from rocks, too! I’ll just choose the best rocks, line them up and hit them with a stick to make the most beautiful music.

Mimmy, I will dedicate this form of rock music for you! *croak*


Frog Tired

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

frog tired I’m frog tired. I finally finished cleaning the kitchen and washing all the pans. It’s fun to cook but the cleaning part is the hardest thing to do. No wonder cooking is a labor of love and so is the cleaning afterwards. Ribbit!

Oh, the things I do for love~! I hope Keroleen gets back soon from her deliveries. I would like her to massage my back…ow…ow… >.<

Jump! Stomp!

Monday, March 17th, 2008

angry keroleen HRMMMM!!!!

That was pretty annoying. I’m so mad! He ate all of Hiiragi’s gift for me! Not only that, he used Kurumi’s picture as his desktop wallpaper! >.<  ZRIBBIT!

Keroleen: *picks up a rock and throws it at the pond*

Gruff Voice: *gurgle hem hem* Watch it Keroleen! *gurgle gurgle*

Keroleen: *gasp* Ganta?

Ganta: The one and only. What’s the big idea throwing rocks around? Good thing I know how to swim.

Keroleen: *looks down* I’m sorry. I forgot that you were still hiding…

Ganta: *cough cough* You don’t look so good? What happened?

Keroleen: Well…Keroppi is picking on me. He’s making such a big deal about me admiring the new boy in SanrioTown and now is staring at some pretty lady from who-knows-where! It’s so annoying! I can’t stand it! *hops around*

Ganta: Whoa there! Take it easy. *hem hem* New boy? Pretty lady? I don’t know what’s going on but is this a case of jealousy? I think you two really need to talk and stop those stomping and throwing rocks around.

Keroleen: ZRIBBIT!!! *glare*

Ganta: *hops a few steps back* O_O Scary…I guess it’s time for me to embrace the real world once more…I think I’ll talk to Keroppi first…I also need to get the stories straight *ahem cough* I think I swallowed a trout…*gack cough*

Frog vs Frog

Saturday, March 15th, 2008

*sigh* White Day is over and Keroleen and I didn’t accomplish anything at all. We didn’t have any heart to heart talk yet. I immediately fell asleep yesterday when we ran away from an angry pretty lady…

Oh yeah…the pretty lady. I kinda understand why Keroleen has a crush on Hiiragi…humans really look wonderful…Ribbit! I’d better think rationally about this. I don’t want to jeopardize our relationship, we’re already having trouble as it is…

Also, I just realized, Keroleen is scary when she’s jealous / angry. She reacted differently compared to how I reacted when I found out that she has a crush on the new boy.

Here’s our morning drama:

Keroppi: PRETTY LADY GOOOONE!!!! :( RIBBIT! *sniff* :(

Keroleen: *glares at Keroppi and throws chocolate gifts at him*

Keroppi: WAAAAAAAAH!!!!! *chocolates land in Keroppi’s mouth* *chomp chomp* Hmmm…those were pretty good. That pretty boy Hiiragi sure has sophisticated taste.

Keroleen: Hrmm!!!

Keroppi: Ribbit! What did I do?

Keroleen: *points at Kurumi’s picture being used as the laptop’s desktop wallpaper then at empty chocolate box*

Keroppi: *sweatdrop* O_K, so now I’m the bad frog…when it was you who started staring and making those secret gifts for the new boy!

Keroleen: Hmph! *and storms out of the house*

Jealousy is a really scary feeling, but an angry lady frog is scarier. This one also makes weird noises when trying to reason out. No words heard, but it seems she has said a lot to me. =_= Keroleen and I should really have a talk soon. I don’t want to prolong this conflict anymore.