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Just in Time for Summer

Saturday, March 7th, 2009

Thank goodness all the paint jobs and construction work at Donut Pond are over! It has been scorching hot these past few days. We’ve almost turned into raisins out there. Ribbit!

I’m really happy that Donut Pond has been rebuilt again. Thank you to all those who helped! Keropa’s hospital is up. Keroma’s cafe is serving delicious food once again. We even added a nice clubhouse so we can host parties there rather than the house. The clubhouse can also double as a sports complex or hobby center. Basically, it’s a multi-purpose hall. This is really going to be fun!

Everyone’s patience and hard work has really paid off. Time to rest for a bit. I can feel the summer heat here now. Ribbit!


I Almost Drowned…

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

Argh! *cough cough* Wrong place to stay as a rock! Mimmy apparently saw me as a nuisance and threw me away

…Noooo! *hem croak* I’M DROWNING!!! Why’d she have to throw me in the pond?!!! *gasp cough cough*

*goes back to frog shape in order to swim* What the…? Pond? I don’t know any pond in SanrioTown…

Unless…Don’t tell me? Donut Pond?!

Keroleen’s Wish

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

I had a wish…for our lives to be normal again…

For Donut Pond to return…

I was given one wish…any wish…so I asked for that…

I was given a seed…

I planted it at where Donut Pond used to be…

I’m not afraid of the consequences of my wish…

I just want our lives to be back the way it used to be…

After a few days of taking good care of the seed, something happened…

A small flower bloomed.

In it was a small fairy…

And she granted my wish.



Sunday, August 10th, 2008

Keroppi stared at what remains of Donut Pond. It has been a week since My Mero and Pink Bear sealed the demon. The pond has been his family’s home for many generations. It’s painful to leave such a beautiful and happy place, but there’s nothing left…the water’s gone, all the vegetation has died…the frogs will not survive without it. They have to look for a new place to live in.

Keroleen threw a bunch of fresh tulips to the land which is now considered as sacred. Hoping that one of these days the land will be able to revive itself and the frogs can return and live there once again.

Keroppi: All set? Ribbit! Let’s go find the others first.

* * *

Keropa: Are you ready Kyorosuke? I’ll remove the bandages from your face.

Kyorosuke: Yes sir! I hope my face healed well…

*Keropa slowly removed the bandages from Kyorosuke’s face. Unveiling inch by inch green, shiny skin, then he stopped and frowned*

Kyorosuke: Uncle Keropa, what’s wrong?! Why’d you stop?! I want to see! *He jumped from the bed and ran to the mirror. He removed the final layer of bandage…* AHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Keropa: I’m sorry son. I don’t know what has gone wrong. You only had minor burns, but I think the magical nature of what caused it has made the wounds really deep…*looks down*

*Kyorosuke stared at the mirror. Half of his face was badly scarred! He punched the misshapen reflection, shattering the mirror and sank to the floor sobbing.*

* * *

Ganta paced back and forth in front of Mimmy’s house. He saw Mimmy last at My Mero’s back last week in Donut Pond. He has been going to her house for days, but nobody’s home. Sighing heavily, he turned around and walked away from the house. Then he heard a soft clicking sound. It was faint at first but it became more audible by the second. *click Click CLick CLIck CLICk CLICK*


He turns to the direction of the voice and was shocked when something small and prickly landed on his face.

Ganta: ARGH! *cough* AN INSECT! GAAA-ACK! *faints* (Author’s note: Ganta is afraid of insects, among other things.)

Donut Pond

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

I never got to show you where I live. Hehe.

pond1This is where I live! Donut Pond! This is the largest and bluest pond around. I live in a big house with my parents and siblings.

My dad’s hospital is located near the pond and so is my mom’s restaurant.  My friends also live within the area, that’s why we get to easily hang-out at each other’s houses and play games.

Donut Pond has a lot of open spaces. If we’re not playing video games, we also play baseball and boomerangs, we also like to go swimming and diving.