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Forgetful Frog

Friday, July 10th, 2009

*ding dong*

Pikki: *peeks out the window* Uhhh…Hi…Can I help you?

*Standing outside Keroppi’s house are three new male frogs in town.*

Frog 1: Hi! We’re Keroppi’s friends. We’re on vacation here in SanrioTown and decided to drop by to greet him for his birthday. :D

Frog 2: Kribbit!

Frog 3: *waves shyly at Pikki and blushes*

Pikki: Wait a moment. I’ll just call my brother.

*Before Pikki could go up, Keroppi suddenly appeared from nowhere and opened the door to meet the three new guests.*

Keroppi: Kerokupo! I’m so glad you three were able to make it!

Frog 1: Yeah and just in time for your birthday!

Keroppi: Urk…Ribbit! I’ve been so down lately that I forgot today is my birthday…Hahahaha! Silly me!

Keroleen: You may have forgotten, but we didn’t. :) Anyway, lunch is served~~~

Keroppi: Oh! Before anything else. Let me introduce my classmate from kindergarten. His name is Kerokupo. *patting the shoulder of the taller frog* While the other two are his brothers, Kerokuku and Kerokupe. They’re here for the summer.

Kerokuku: Kribbit! Yo!

Kerokupe: Just Kep for short…*hides behind Kerokuku*

Kerokupo: Oh common little brother, don’t be shy! Stop hiding!

Keroleen: Let’s have lunch first. Everybody is waiting at the kitchen already. Heehee.

Keroppi: Gosh! *blushing* Today is my birthday and I forgot all about it…Ribbit!

Kyorosuke: HEY! What’s going on there? Where’s the birthday boy? I’m already starving! *shouts from the dining room*

*Keroppi, Keroleen, Pikki and the three newcomers stepped into the dining room and were very delighted to see their family and friends all ready for this special occasion.*


Keroleen: *grabbed Keroppi’s hand and plants a kiss on his cheek* Not sad anymore? I hope to see that smile on your face everyday! :)

Ganta: *cough hem hem* More guests will be arriving in awhile.

(Author’s note: Everybody can take part in this celebration. Just use the comment area for your story and conversations or you can link back from your blog. :D )

Thank You Keroma

Monday, May 12th, 2008

I’m so thankful to Keroma. She taught me everything that I know when it comes to cooking. I really idolize her. She’s the epitome of both a mother and a woman.

So patient, kind and wise yet she still has that commanding aura. It’s really amazing how one woman can handle a family of 5, plus the whole Frog Gang. I really appreciate that she allows us to hangout at the house even though we are not blood relatives. She even treats us like her own children and not just mere guests.

When I have my own family, I want to be like her and when it’s my children’s turn to have their own families, I want to pass a lot love and knowledge to them.

I love you Keroma, I really appreciate all the good things you have taught me. Thank you for all your love.


Happy Birthday Kyorosuke and Denden!

Saturday, May 3rd, 2008

Let the party begin!!!


Today is the start of Kyorosuke and Denden’s joint birthday celebration. You know how parties are in Donut Pond, it usually lasts for more than a day. Anyway, let us all wish them a Happy Birthday!

I know it’s really hot these days so the pond is open for everyone to swim. One important rule though, NO THROWING OF FOOD, DRINKS, TRASH IN THE POND AND AROUND THE AREA! If you feel that you can’t finish your food and drinks, just get what is right for you first. You can go back for more later. Remember, a lot of people and animals are starving. As for your trash, there are designated trash bins around the area.

Alright! Ribbit! Everybody is all set! PARTY TIME!!!

kero swim grp

All Are Invited

Monday, April 28th, 2008

kyorosuke I’ve been busy the past few days, with Ganta’s training and now Kyorosuke’s arrival. Ribbit! Kyorosuke just came back yesterday from his training on ULTRA HYPER ADVANCED frog leap swimming. Among all the frogs in Donut Pond, he’s the best swimmer and is also blessed with really good eyesight. Lost something? Ask him to help you.

happy bday kero Anyway, it was also his birthday last April 22. We weren’t able to celebrate since he wasn’t around. We couldn’t even visit or communicate with him while he was on training. That’s why we are having an extra special birthday celebration this coming weekend and everybody is invited!

denden Today (April 28) is Denden’s birthday and he’ll also have his party along with Kyorosuke this weekend! Ribbit! Such an exciting event! Don’t forget to bring your swim wear! It will be a swimming party! With great food by the lovely Keroleen and entertainment by the talented Ganta. (Try to beat his high score in the Drum Master game! Ribbit!)

Green Laptop!

Monday, November 19th, 2007

The gang has invaded my PC! Most of them has taken a liking in blogging, but they don’t want to make their own accounts. It’s fine with me if they post their thoughts using my blog, but they’re also using my computer…

I don’t want to be selfish to my friends though. We’ve been together since we were kids, and they were all very supportive of me in times of trouble. So I declared my PC as Frog Gang property! It’s no longer a personal computer. Ribbit!

keroppi laptopFortunately last weekend, while Keroleen and I were in the mall, we saw this really nice laptop and it’s green! The color’s just right for me. It’s was also on sale since a lot prefer the pink Hello Kitty laptop. The green version is actually more powerful than the pink one, with souped-up specs and extra accessories!

Fancy design versus functionality, I’d go for functionality. Ribbit! 

“MINE! RIBBIT!,” I cried out in excitement as I pointed it to her. XD I bought the laptop immediately and now I’m happily typing this blog entry with it.


Who’s Gonna Be Robin Hood?

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

frog arrow2I’m gonna be Robin Hood! XD 

This will be my costume for Halloween! I’m so excited. I love trick or treat! I love parties!

The Merry Frog-men (Frog Gang), Maid Marian (Keroleen) and I will be trick or treating for a while before heading to Kuromi’s house for her birthday. It’s on the way after all, so we will drop by some houses first for some gum problem and cavity inducing treats. Hopefully they give away something soft like donuts. We frogs only have maxillary teeth. These teeth are somewhat weak and we use them to grind food before swallowing. XD

We will also check out the cool Halloween costumes parading in the streets. There’s also a big, empty and scary house on the way that we would like to explore. Ohhh…creepy…

Anyway, see you all at the party!


Donut Pond

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

I never got to show you where I live. Hehe.

pond1This is where I live! Donut Pond! This is the largest and bluest pond around. I live in a big house with my parents and siblings.

My dad’s hospital is located near the pond and so is my mom’s restaurant.  My friends also live within the area, that’s why we get to easily hang-out at each other’s houses and play games.

Donut Pond has a lot of open spaces. If we’re not playing video games, we also play baseball and boomerangs, we also like to go swimming and diving.


My Froggy Pals

Monday, August 13th, 2007

Keroleen is a natural peacemaker. She’s always there to stop an argument or make us feel better whenever conflicts arise. A fashion-addict, she’s always updated with the latest styles. Also a good chef, she likes to bake goodies and from time to time whip us a batch of pancakes.

If Keroleen is up to date with the latest fashion, Kyorosuke is updated with the latest information about practically anything since he is blessed with superior eyesight. Besides getting the latest information, he’s also good at underwater swimming.

Ganta is the strong and fearsome looking frog, but don’t be fooled by that exterior. In reality, he’s afraid of the dark and heights…shhhh…don’t tell him that I told you guys.

Noberu is the deep thinker of our group. Like his father, he wants to be a good weather forecaster for the government. Still young, he’s very talented, and can already predict incoming hurricanes.