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Fire Power!

Saturday, December 5th, 2009

With one final kick Keroppi broke free from the glass prison. Exhausted, he carefully stood from the ground and brushed off small pieces of glass on his clothes.

He then ran to the computer terminal and pressed random buttons in order to free his friends. With a few lucky presses the poison gas was stopped…unfortunately the damage has been done…Keroppi has to be very careful in setting Ganta and Kyorosuke free or else his other zombie friends will be released as well.

Albert Whisker: Hold it right there you ssssslimy frog! There isssss no essssscape!

Keroppi: Oh yeah! Try me! I have endured so many things already! Stopping you is just a simple challenge!

Keroppi picked up a large piece of glass on the floor and tried to cut thru Kyorosuke’s prison. He scratched the glass until it cracked. With his strong legs and flippers, he kicked the glass setting his friend free. The same technique was used in freeing Ganta and as he lay them down on the side they slowly regained consciousness.

Kyorosuke: Oh man, my head…what happened?

Keroppi: Zombies! Zombies! That evil rat turned our friends into zombies!!! We have to help them!

Kyorosuke: Huh? WHAT?!

Looks around, Kyorosuke saw the glass cages with his deformed, clawing friends then to the monitor with the image of the hooded rat then to Keroppi then around again.*

Kyorosuke: WHOA! I get it! Stupid rat! *He made a fist and concentrated. A red glow emanated from his hands.*

Kyorosuke: Been practicing this for awhile now. I just found out that my special weapon from our previous adventure can be brought anywhere with me. 

A blazing samurai sword endowed with the powers of light and fire materialized from his hands.

Kyorosuke: Alright you silly rat! IT’S PAYBACK TIME!


Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

To those impersonating me…be afraid…be very afraid!

I am the epitome of true evil!

My name is Albert Whisker. I used to be a quiet and nice rat. Always at the top of my class and had great dreams for a better world to live in. Unfortunately, my self confidence was destroyed by non stop bullying when I was in school…

My name is Albert Whisker! I will rule the world! I will show everyone the kind of pain and humiliation I felt when I was being maltreated by my school mates! I will not be trampled upon anymore! I will show you what a Whisker is capable of!

Poisoning Encounter

Monday, November 9th, 2009


*Nasty growls and scratches can now be heard from the unfortunate frogs that were poisoned by an unknown adversary. Green skin were slowly peeling and melting, their inner flesh exposed. The friendly faces of Kerokupo, Kerokuku and Kerokupe were no longer recognizable as they were transformed by the poison gas.*

My friends just turned into zombies!!! I can’t believe it! What is this madman thinking?!




I can’t get out of this cage…

I can’t save them…

I’m useless…

…but still…

I’ll do what I can…


*Keroppi kicked the glass cage with all his might resulting in a small crack. He continued kicking until the crack became bigger. Finally, with one final blow, the whole glass cage shattered releasing him from his cold prison.*


Sunday, November 1st, 2009

Keroppi: Argh…my head…Ribbit! Where am I? We fell down a hole…then what? HUHHH?! I can’t move!

*Keroppi opened his eyes and discovered that he’s trapped inside a glass cage. His hands and feet bounded by laser-like chains. Looking around, he sees his companions in the same condition. The room that they are in is now a high-tech laboratory.*

Keroppi: HEY! Anybody there? PLEASE HELP US!

?????: I seeee that you’re awake my slimmmyyy frieeend…

*A husky voice came out from nowhere. Keroppi looked around to see who’s talking. Seeing no one, his attention was then diverted to the monitor at the center wall of the lab. An image slowly materialized and revealed a cloaked figure.*

?????: It isssss time! After yearsssss of ressssearch I can finally reveal to theeeee world my powerrrrr!!!


?????: How demaaanding…I’ll let you be the firsssst one to witnesssss the resssssults of my resssssearch…Hmmm…let meeee ssstart of with your threeee froggggy pals there.

*The cloaked image referred to Keroppi’s three friends, Kerokupo, Kerokuku and Kerokupe.*


*The figure smirked and then yellow smoke was released inside the glass cages of the three unfortunate frogs. The figure then laughed menacingly and it can be heard echoing throughout the abandoned halls of the hospital.*

Into The Darkness

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

Keroppi: Hey guys! Finish up with all that candy! It’s time for our adventure!

Ganta: *cough cough* Wait…last batch of caramels…I love these…*chomp chew*

Kerokuku: Kribbit! Hahaha! Stop stuffing your face with candy bro. You might have a hard time exploring the abandoned hospital. There are a lot of tight spaces there.

Kyorosuke: Come on Ganta! You need to have a diet. I just scheduled a group date for us with those cute girls we met awhile ago. *wink*

Kerokupe: Let’s make our adventure quick ok…I’m scared…There were a lot of strange sounds coming from the abandoned hospital when we scouted the area.

Keroppi: Don’t worry my friend. Nothing’s going to happen to us there.

Kerokupo: Yes, little brother…Everything’s going to be just fine.

Keroppi: Alright frogs! Let’s start with our adventure!

*The boys then embarked on their journey to the abandoned hospital at the border of SanrioTown and Procyon City. After half hour of brisk walking and jumping they finally arrived at their destination.*

Keroppi: *looks up the menacing 5-storey building* It’s a lot scarier this night.

Kerokuku: Yeah man…it wasn’t like this a few nights ago…

Kerokupe: I want to go home. I have a bad feeling about this and my allergies are acting up…This is not a good sign.

Kerokupo: Let’s go you wimps! Nothing’s there! It’s just your imagination.

Ganta: *hem hem* Caramels~~

Kerokupo: Alrighty! I’ll enter first. *wears his hard hat and opens the high-powered flashlight*

Keroppi: *sigh* Ribbit! Yosh! Let’s go exploring! Ready your gears frogs!

Kyorosuke: After what I’ve been thru, this is just a piece of cake. *tilts his mask and pushes the heavy, broken glass door of the hospital*

*The group enters and explores the ground floor of the hospital. Seeing nothing wrong, they went further into the back and enters the former storage area.*

Kerokupe: Guys…*looks down on the floor* That hole wasn’t there before…

Kerokuku: You’re right. *peeks down below* You all be careful…

Kerokupo: WHAT?!! Geez! *looks down* This place must be really falling apaaaart…

*The edge of the hole suddenly gave way making it bigger and the frogs fell into the abyss.*


Abandoned Hospital

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Halloween is near! I’m so excited! Ribbit!

Every year we have a special activity besides trick or treat, like ghost stories, parties and exploration. This year we are exploring the old, abandoned hospital at the end of SanrioTown. It’s not actually part of SanrioTown, it’s part of Procyon City which is adjacent to our town.

My friends, namely¬† Kerokupo, Kerokuku and Kerokupe visited the area two nights ago and they heard some strange noises coming from inside the building. It’s possible that some wild animals has taken shelter inside, but there could be something else…

The hospital has been abandoned for many years, way before SanrioTown was even built. Many rumors has circulated that a lot of strange things can be heard there that doesn’t resemble any animals. Others have seen strange lights coming from inside. There was even a story that a group went in to explore and never came back!

Just thinking and writing about this is giving me the creeps…but I’m really excited about the whole thing. I’m built for adventure! Ribbit! Got our costumes ready and some special gear to help us with our exploration like lights, ropes, hard hats, hammers, axes, etc. The hospital is really old and we’re expecting a lot of dangerous and unstable areas.

Anyway, that’s that. Time to double check on our gear. I might have missed something that we need.


Elephant Stampede — The Mimmy Way

Friday, February 6th, 2009

Ganta: ERFFF!!! Ouch! My nose! (Oh…I don’t have a nose.)

Ganta: She hit me on the head!!! WHY?! *cough cough* My precious Mimmy, what have I done to deserve this?

*He stands up slowly, still a bit shaken by the impact of Mimmy’s paw(?).*

Mimmy: Ganta, are you ok? I’m really sorry. I didn’t know my own strength.

*Ganta blinks and stares at the gray Mimmy.*

mimmyphant Ganta: What happened to your fur?! Are you sick? I’d better take you to the doctor?

Mimmy: Huh? I’m not sick! I’m as healthy and energetic as a kitten.

Ganta: *hem hem* But you are a kitten!

Mimmy: No I’m not! I’m an elephant! Check out my color. Check out my nose.

Ganta: Elephant eh? *rubs the bump on his head* Is Valentine’s day the new Halloween?

Mimmy: *stomps on the ground* I’m an elephant!!!

Kyorosuke: My, my…what do we have here? *wink* Fancy seeing you here Mimmy…..?

Mimmy: *hmph*

Kyorosuke: Oh, don’t be mad. I was on my way to the hardware to get some supplies when I saw you guys here. What’s up with the mask? Trying to be like me? *tilts his phantom mask a bit so that the sun can dramatically reflect a bit on it*

Mimmy: *stomps yet again*

Kyorosuke: That’s a really nice mask. Good quality. Looks like the real thing. *pinches Mimmy’s cheek*

Mimmy: It’s not a masK! I’M AN ELEPHANT!!! *stomp stomp stomp*

*The two frogs stumbled on the ground as Mimmy stomped endlessly.*

Ganta: *gulp* How do we calm her down now?

A Pat on the Head

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

*cough cough cough*

I finally got to finish painting the outside walls of the houses and establishments in Donut Pond. I’m beat! I guess I’ll just lay down for awhile. I’m so tired…

Everything happened so fast…first there was My Mero, a missing pond, then a baby Mimmy…I wonder what will happen this year? *cough* I don’t want to think about it…I just want to catch up on some sleep.


What in the world? Earthquake?! O_O

*Ganta looks around and sees Mimmy heavily stomping as she walked.*

Magic side-effect? Don’t tell me that she’s not back to normal yet. *hem hem*

*Ganta stands up and runs to Mimmy.*


*Mimmy turns to Ganta’s direction and raises up her tiny nose. She made a weird, high meowing sound as if trying to sound like another animal. As Ganta closed in on her, Mimmy raised a paw and heavily touched the frog on the head. The impact made Ganta dropped to the ground.*

Ganta! I’m now an elephant!!!  

I Almost Drowned…

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

Argh! *cough cough* Wrong place to stay as a rock! Mimmy apparently saw me as a nuisance and threw me away

…Noooo! *hem croak* I’M DROWNING!!! Why’d she have to throw me in the pond?!!! *gasp cough cough*

*goes back to frog shape in order to swim* What the…? Pond? I don’t know any pond in SanrioTown…

Unless…Don’t tell me? Donut Pond?!

Keroleen’s Wish

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

I had a wish…for our lives to be normal again…

For Donut Pond to return…

I was given one wish…any wish…so I asked for that…

I was given a seed…

I planted it at where Donut Pond used to be…

I’m not afraid of the consequences of my wish…

I just want our lives to be back the way it used to be…

After a few days of taking good care of the seed, something happened…

A small flower bloomed.

In it was a small fairy…

And she granted my wish.