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Fire Power!

With one final kick Keroppi broke free from the glass prison. Exhausted, he carefully stood from the ground and brushed off small pieces of glass on his clothes.

He then ran to the computer terminal and pressed random buttons in order to free his friends. With a few lucky presses the poison gas was stopped…unfortunately the damage has been done…Keroppi has to be very careful in setting Ganta and Kyorosuke free or else his other zombie friends will be released as well.

Albert Whisker: Hold it right there you ssssslimy frog! There isssss no essssscape!

Keroppi: Oh yeah! Try me! I have endured so many things already! Stopping you is just a simple challenge!

Keroppi picked up a large piece of glass on the floor and tried to cut thru Kyorosuke’s prison. He scratched the glass until it cracked. With his strong legs and flippers, he kicked the glass setting his friend free. The same technique was used in freeing Ganta and as he lay them down on the side they slowly regained consciousness.

Kyorosuke: Oh man, my head…what happened?

Keroppi: Zombies! Zombies! That evil rat turned our friends into zombies!!! We have to help them!

Kyorosuke: Huh? WHAT?!

Looks around, Kyorosuke saw the glass cages with his deformed, clawing friends then to the monitor with the image of the hooded rat then to Keroppi then around again.*

Kyorosuke: WHOA! I get it! Stupid rat! *He made a fist and concentrated. A red glow emanated from his hands.*

Kyorosuke: Been practicing this for awhile now. I just found out that my special weapon from our previous adventure can be brought anywhere with me. 

A blazing samurai sword endowed with the powers of light and fire materialized from his hands.

Kyorosuke: Alright you silly rat! IT’S PAYBACK TIME!

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  1. Says:

    But, what about me?
    Im a ghost… I guess no one cares….

  2. Says:

    hehe Kyorosuke is funny ^^.

  3. Says:

    UPDATE PLEASE! Really want to know how you guys are.

  4. Says:

    Yea! Go kick some Rat guts out of him! ^o^

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  6. Says:

    ur like takeshi from hitman reborn,kyrosuke!!!!!!!!

  7. Says:

    Hey Keroppi, i know your busy. but you really should update!
    by the way, they make a keroppi theme now. ^_^

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