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Into The Darkness

Keroppi: Hey guys! Finish up with all that candy! It’s time for our adventure!

Ganta: *cough cough* Wait…last batch of caramels…I love these…*chomp chew*

Kerokuku: Kribbit! Hahaha! Stop stuffing your face with candy bro. You might have a hard time exploring the abandoned hospital. There are a lot of tight spaces there.

Kyorosuke: Come on Ganta! You need to have a diet. I just scheduled a group date for us with those cute girls we met awhile ago. *wink*

Kerokupe: Let’s make our adventure quick ok…I’m scared…There were a lot of strange sounds coming from the abandoned hospital when we scouted the area.

Keroppi: Don’t worry my friend. Nothing’s going to happen to us there.

Kerokupo: Yes, little brother…Everything’s going to be just fine.

Keroppi: Alright frogs! Let’s start with our adventure!

*The boys then embarked on their journey to the abandoned hospital at the border of SanrioTown and Procyon City. After half hour of brisk walking and jumping they finally arrived at their destination.*

Keroppi: *looks up the menacing 5-storey building* It’s a lot scarier this night.

Kerokuku: Yeah man…it wasn’t like this a few nights ago…

Kerokupe: I want to go home. I have a bad feeling about this and my allergies are acting up…This is not a good sign.

Kerokupo: Let’s go you wimps! Nothing’s there! It’s just your imagination.

Ganta: *hem hem* Caramels~~

Kerokupo: Alrighty! I’ll enter first. *wears his hard hat and opens the high-powered flashlight*

Keroppi: *sigh* Ribbit! Yosh! Let’s go exploring! Ready your gears frogs!

Kyorosuke: After what I’ve been thru, this is just a piece of cake. *tilts his mask and pushes the heavy, broken glass door of the hospital*

*The group enters and explores the ground floor of the hospital. Seeing nothing wrong, they went further into the back and enters the former storage area.*

Kerokupe: Guys…*looks down on the floor* That hole wasn’t there before…

Kerokuku: You’re right. *peeks down below* You all be careful…

Kerokupo: WHAT?!! Geez! *looks down* This place must be really falling apaaaart…

*The edge of the hole suddenly gave way making it bigger and the frogs fell into the abyss.*


6 Responses to “Into The Darkness”

  1. Says:

    HEY! AN ADVANDONED HOSPITAL! coolio! Shinelly is sick-ish so….Ill go!
    -Heather Sketch, Pokemon Trainer :3

  2. Lily Says:

    That is not a good thing…@@

  3. Says:

    Who you gonna call? Froggy-Ghost-busters! XD

  4. Says:

    Dudes that’s not cool!

  5. Says:

    Dudes that’s not cool!@@

  6. Says:

    nyaan Kyorosuke *shakes head*

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