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Abandoned Hospital

Halloween is near! I’m so excited! Ribbit!

Every year we have a special activity besides trick or treat, like ghost stories, parties and exploration. This year we are exploring the old, abandoned hospital at the end of SanrioTown. It’s not actually part of SanrioTown, it’s part of Procyon City which is adjacent to our town.

My friends, namely¬† Kerokupo, Kerokuku and Kerokupe visited the area two nights ago and they heard some strange noises coming from inside the building. It’s possible that some wild animals has taken shelter inside, but there could be something else…

The hospital has been abandoned for many years, way before SanrioTown was even built. Many rumors has circulated that a lot of strange things can be heard there that doesn’t resemble any animals. Others have seen strange lights coming from inside. There was even a story that a group went in to explore and never came back!

Just thinking and writing about this is giving me the creeps…but I’m really excited about the whole thing. I’m built for adventure! Ribbit! Got our costumes ready and some special gear to help us with our exploration like lights, ropes, hard hats, hammers, axes, etc. The hospital is really old and we’re expecting a lot of dangerous and unstable areas.

Anyway, that’s that. Time to double check on our gear. I might have missed something that we need.


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    authors note: Shinellys being controled –

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    Yikes! That’s creepy!

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    Hmm…Do be careful friends. Pls thank Keroleen for the lovely baking lesson at the sleep over. :)

  5. Tuxedo Sam Says:

    You guys are so crazy..I DIDN’T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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