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Just when I thought I’ll be having a relaxing weekend, Keroppi just invited a bunch of friends over…Friends over means party, party means food, food means Keroleen will cook…


I know I’m over-worked, but I feel more like "over-cooked" since I’ve been cooking a lot lately. At times like these, I can’t think of a good menu to serve.

Don’t get me wrong, but I love cooking. I just need a little break sometimes…Sooo…anybody wants to help me out in the kitchen this weekend?


5 Responses to “Over-Cooked!”

  1. Says:

    I would not mind, I can also help in decorations if you like. :)

  2. Says:

    I can help you! :) and when te party is over, i could take you to a spa. it really can cook off the stress. :P
    Spottie Dottie

  3. Says:

    I’ll help! :)

  4. Says:

    poor keroleen…..
    oh wait…
    It already happened

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