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Yo Joe!

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

joe posterKeroleen and I just watched G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra yesterday. I’m not a big fan of a G.I. Joe, but I watched some of the animation. I need to watch again to refresh my memory of the story. I know they changed some parts of the story and character backgrounds in the movie.

What’s great about the movie are the hi-tech stuff. Great gadgets and vehicles! I WANT A RHINO! Ribbit! Like any animated / toy / comic related movie, the main objective is for the toy line to sell and the movie was successful in delivering that.

After watching, Keroleen and I went to the toy store to pick up some of the movie toys. Got the Ice Dagger vehicle, Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow and Storm Shadow Paris Pursuit variant. The Paris Pursuit versions are so hard to find! Ribbit! We’ve been looking for the Snake Eyes Paris Pursuit (with the dog, Timber), but all the stores were wiped out! I also need another Storm Shadow Paris Pursuit since Keroleen wanted to keep one for herself…She likes the Korean actor that played Storm Shadow. LOL!

storm shadow Storm Shadow is actually a favorite character of mine. A cool ninja that kept on changing sides. I would like to see him again in the next movie installment. For those who have seen the movie…he was supposed to be dead, but that is still unclear since he is a NINJA! XD Ribbit! Who knows what the producers want to do for future installements, but like a lot of Storm Shadow fans I’m also hoping that he’ll be back.