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Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Being part of a triplet seems to be the trend in the frog world. Me and my siblings, Pikki and Koroppi are triplets, and my friends, Kerokupo, Kerokuku and Kerokupe are also triplets.

It’s actually fun to have lots of siblings, but sometimes it can also lead to arguments and headaches. For example, who will use the bathroom first or who will get the last slice of cake or what show to watch…Endless conflict! Ribbit!

Our parents always told us to share, but we always fight on who will use the car, computer, game console, etc. Have you ever wondered that when you want to use something, your siblings want to use the same item at the same time as well, but when you’re not using it, they don’t use it, too? Ribbit! Hehehe.

That’s why I’d rather have my own things. Our parents would say that it’s not practical, but I’d rather save myself from all the fighting and crying. Maybe when it comes to expensive things like cars and appliances, we should share. In times of conflicting usage, one of us should learn to sacrifice and give it the person who needs it the most. As for more personal stuff like computers and mobile phones, it has come to the point that each of us should have our own.

When is it to share? When is it not to share? It all depends on the things that you do and prioritize, but always keep in mind your own paying capacity. Hehehe. Ribbit!


Forgetful Frog

Friday, July 10th, 2009

*ding dong*

Pikki: *peeks out the window* Uhhh…Hi…Can I help you?

*Standing outside Keroppi’s house are three new male frogs in town.*

Frog 1: Hi! We’re Keroppi’s friends. We’re on vacation here in SanrioTown and decided to drop by to greet him for his birthday. :D

Frog 2: Kribbit!

Frog 3: *waves shyly at Pikki and blushes*

Pikki: Wait a moment. I’ll just call my brother.

*Before Pikki could go up, Keroppi suddenly appeared from nowhere and opened the door to meet the three new guests.*

Keroppi: Kerokupo! I’m so glad you three were able to make it!

Frog 1: Yeah and just in time for your birthday!

Keroppi: Urk…Ribbit! I’ve been so down lately that I forgot today is my birthday…Hahahaha! Silly me!

Keroleen: You may have forgotten, but we didn’t. :) Anyway, lunch is served~~~

Keroppi: Oh! Before anything else. Let me introduce my classmate from kindergarten. His name is Kerokupo. *patting the shoulder of the taller frog* While the other two are his brothers, Kerokuku and Kerokupe. They’re here for the summer.

Kerokuku: Kribbit! Yo!

Kerokupe: Just Kep for short…*hides behind Kerokuku*

Kerokupo: Oh common little brother, don’t be shy! Stop hiding!

Keroleen: Let’s have lunch first. Everybody is waiting at the kitchen already. Heehee.

Keroppi: Gosh! *blushing* Today is my birthday and I forgot all about it…Ribbit!

Kyorosuke: HEY! What’s going on there? Where’s the birthday boy? I’m already starving! *shouts from the dining room*

*Keroppi, Keroleen, Pikki and the three newcomers stepped into the dining room and were very delighted to see their family and friends all ready for this special occasion.*


Keroleen: *grabbed Keroppi’s hand and plants a kiss on his cheek* Not sad anymore? I hope to see that smile on your face everyday! :)

Ganta: *cough hem hem* More guests will be arriving in awhile.

(Author’s note: Everybody can take part in this celebration. Just use the comment area for your story and conversations or you can link back from your blog. :D )

Frogs In Trouble!

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

Thank you all for the suggestions and encouragement!

Swimming…yeah…we’ve been doing a lot of that lately. It’s part of a frog’s life. Ribbit! As for a vacation…we’re kinda broke… :(

OH NO! Speaking of vacation…it’s very dangerous for frogs to venture too far out! If humans have A(H1N1), frogs have a killer disease as well in a form of a fungus. It’s very sad to hear that a lot of frog species might become extinct because of this. :(

The fungus attacks our skin and causes a lot of damage. Since we are amphibians, we depend a lot on our skin to live. I’m really saddened by this.

My friend Noberu who is training to become a top weather forecaster said that this wide-spread disease is due to environmental /weather changes. Illegal frog trade is also a big factor in spreading the disease, since a lot of us are being shifted around the globe as pets and… *gulp* …as food…

*sigh* This just made me more depressed…Ribbit…


It’s So Hot!

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

I’m really sorry for the lack of updates…

I’ve been so depressed lately…

It’s summer…

I don’t like the heat. :(

It’s making me dehydrate.

Ribbit! *slump*