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The Power Of The Birthday Wish

Ganta: Where am I? I must have fallen asleep. *croak* Why is everything so bright? Where is everybody?

Voice: My dear courageous frog, you succeeded in your mission to bring your friend back to normal. Unfortunately, the price is high…

*The white background opened up to reveal what’s going on in the world where Ganta’s body is.*

Ganta: You! I remember you…in my dream…*looks around* Why am I there? Why am I here?

Voice: I’m so sorry…Strong magic is like that, it comes with a price…your memories…your feelings for the one you love…

Ganta: A PRICE?! *cough cough* I don’t understand? I did everything you told me to do! Isn’t that enough?

Voice: I never mentioned to you…that you’re a Stone Deity yourself. You protect the yellow stone. Didn’t you ever wonder why the stone was already lit in your map? Your memories was added to the spell for it to work…

Ganta: *hem hem* Me? A Deity?

Voice: That’s why you can hear me. Only the Deities can hear me.

Ganta: Mimmy…she’s crying…I don’t want her to be sad…

*Ganta took a few steps forward and tried to comfort Mimmy, but his hand just passed thru.*

Mimmy: If there’s one thing that I could have on my birthday, it would be that Ganta be brought back to normal.:( My poor friend’s done a lot to help bring me back, it’s only right that I try to help him out. *Sigh* If wishes were horses…

Voice: The most powerful magic of all…the birthday wish…

Ganta: Huhh? *cough*

Voice: All of you are lucky to have one another.

*All the brightness disappeared and Ganta floated back to his body.*

3 Responses to “The Power Of The Birthday Wish”

  1. Says:

    Birthday wishes ftw :>

  2. Says:

    I really hope there is not sacrefic in this one.

  3. Says:

    I hope my birthday wishes will also come true. :)

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