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The Price

Go back to where it all began…to Donut Pond. Use the Hikari no Yaiba and create a magical fire barrier. This barrier will protect Ganta and Mimmy. Pour the Dunny Potion in the Ice Gashapon then drop the Aquamarine Jewel and let the potion dissolve it. Then let Mimmy drink the potion.

If your desire to help someone is really strong, then it will be granted. Be careful though, since this spell is very powerful. It is only natural that in this world, with each action there’s an equal reaction. Same with magic, if something is given to you, another thing will be taken.

Ganta: There’s no turning back. For Mimmy’s sake. I have followed what the Green Deity has instructed me to do. *cough croak*

Ganta took a deep breath and gave the infant Mimmy the potion he created using the rewards from each Deity. When she finished drinking the potion, bright light suddenly emanated from her. She then levitated from Ganta’s arms. Angel wings sprouted from her back then it wrapped around her like a cocoon.

Everyone stared in awe as the white, feathery cocoon floated up in the clear blue sky over Donut Pond. Then it cracked, revealing the normal size and form of Mimmy. She slowly floated back to the ground.

Mimmy: I’m back!

Ganta: Welcome home!

Suddenly there was a cracking sound. Simultaneously, Ganta collapsed on the ground. His eyes all glazed like that of a lifeless mannequin.

Mimmy: GANTA! NO!

Keroppi: What happened?!

Keroleen: NOOOO!

Kyorosuke: Buddy! *shakes his friend* Snap out of it!

Mimmy: No! This is not happening! After all you have been through for me!

Ganta croaked weakly. His lifeless eyes blinked then looked at Mimmy.

Ganta: Who are you?

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    Oh no…is this what the message I got referred too?…Try knocking him with a coconut, maybe he’ll remember…I hope…

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