The Unauthorized Froggy Journal
I’m Kerokerokeroppi! And remember that!

Hunting For Unicorns

Ganta: The last task…*cough cough* I hope those unicorns will not eat us or something.

Keroppi: Shhh…did you hear that…hoofsteps…

Kyorosuke: *pulls out his sword* We don’t know if these unicorns are dangerous. Best to be prepared.

Keroppi: Over there…unicorns! Ribbit!

unicornasaurus yellow front unicornasaurus gray back

Keroleen: They’re so cute! I want to keep one!

Keroppi: Keroleen, keep your voice down…We don’t want to scare them…

Ganta: *readies the magical rope from the Green Deity* This is quite long. You think we can capture both using both ends?

Keroppi: Let’s try. Kyorosuke…watch our backs…*picks up the other end of the rope*

Ganta: I’ll get the yellow one. You go get the gray one.

Keroppi: Ribbit! Got it! On 3! 1…2…3…GO!

*The two frogs threw the magical rope around the unicorns’ horns simultaneously. In shock, the two just froze and wasn’t able to fight back. With the power of the rope, both of the unicorns were tamed.*

Ganta: Great! *hem hem* One more unicorn to find…

Keroleen: KYAAAAAA!

Keroppi: Keroleen!

*He ran to the direction of the scream and there he found Keroleen kneeling on the ground protecting Mimmy with her arms. In front of her is a very angry black unicorn.*

unicornasaurus black front

Black Unicorn: How dare you capture my comrades!

Ganta: I’m sorry! *cough cough* We really need you three! It’s for my friend. She doesn’t have much time left.

Keroleen: We mean you no harm…

Kyorosuke: The Green Deity asked us to look for unicorns in this forest.

Black Unicorn: The Green Deity? Why didn’t you say so! If it’s for the Deity, then we will go with you.

*Without any hesitation the three unicorns followed the frogs back to the Green Deity’s house. Upon arrival, they saw the Deity already standing outside the door. When the unicorns saw her, they bowed down before her.*

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