The Unauthorized Froggy Journal
I’m Kerokerokeroppi! And remember that!

Life With…

Chorus: AAA-WOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Their chorus echoes throughout the mountains and a moment of silence engulfs the whole mountain. Its as if the mountain itself was listening to their plea.

A bone chilling reply. A long pronounced howl of a real wolf engulfs the air.

And from the shadows a great white wolf appears before them.


Kyorosuke: AHHHH! A WOLF! A WOLF! *hops on top of Ganta*

Keroppi: Ribbit! *gulp*

*Ganta takes the sword from Kyorosuke and readies it.*

White Wolf: I am the guardian of the mountain and I have been expecting you.

Ganta: *puts down the sword* Great White Wolf, my name is Ganta. We were sent here by the White Deity.

White Wolf: Answer my riddle and you shall be rewarded with what you seek.

*Greatly puzzled by the riddle, the frog gang huddled together and discussed the possible results.*

Keroleen: Wait forever…? Is it really that hard to answer the riddle?

Keroppi: Even if it’s not forever…we can’t stay that long here or else we will all become like those ice statues at the White Deity’s domain.

Ganta: The wolf emphasized some words…kuroimidoriishirohaiiro… Does anyone know what those mean?

Kyorosuke: My friend, it seems you were absent when that was discussed in school. Let me explain to you. Those are colors in Japanese. Kuroi is black. Midorii is green. Shiro is white. Haiiro is gray/silver.

Ganta: *cough cough cough* Colors?

Keroleen: You think he’s talking about the weather or the changing seasons? There’s green for spring…white for winter…Oh nooo…that’s not it…

Keroppi: It’s not that simple. Ribbit! Did you notice that there’s a certain order for the colors mentioned in the riddle, and there’s one color that doesn’t seem to belong…

Kyorosuke: *sits on the ice* I’m sleepy and my head hurts, I don’t want to think anymore. Times like these makes me want to sit around and play video games.

Keroppi: Yeah! I miss those days wherein we just hang-out and play in my room. Should have gotten a PSP when I had the chance. At least this journey will have some relaxation.

Ganta: PSP! *hem hem* Hey, remember the White Deity’s PSP?

Keroppi: What about it?

Ganta: It’s white! Shiro!

Keroppi: The wolf can’t be talking about that…he should have mentioned the other colors as well…Ribbit!

Ganta:…wait! *cough ahem* I’m getting there! It’s not the PSP. It’s the other product…the bigger one…the PS3!

*The wolf’s ears suddenly twitched upon hearing the word.*

8 Responses to “Life With…”

  1. Says:

    Twitched?… Twitching good in this case right?

  2. Says:

    Kyorosuke has a disturbing scream… XD

  3. Says:

    Hehe… Kyorosuke should be careful I think the Wolf Guardian suspects something. ^^

  4. Kyorosuke Says:

    I did scream…a little…Who wouldn’t scream if you encounter a wolf like that?

    Hey Ganta! What made you think the answer is a PS3?

  5. Says:

    PS3? What the delleo is going on? @@

  6. Says:

    Hello dear froggy friends, I see your all still quiet busy. Are you all fending well?

  7. Pink Bear Says:

    Kyorosuke, screaming like a little girl is not going to help you much in riddle solving. I can suggested that when you get scared imagine that the think terrifying you is something funny or silly e.g. a scary monster looks like a silly clown.

  8. Says:

    Here is your reward my little froggy friends.

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