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Howling Frogs

*As the group reached the foot of the mountain, the hail and snowstorm stopped. All could be heard is the eerie howling of the wind between the mountain chasms. The sun comes out briefly to give our little froggy heroes some warmth.*

Ganta: *looks up the towering mountain* We have finally reached our destination. *cough cough*

Keroppi: I have a bad feeling about this…

Mimmy: WAAAAA!

Keroleen: Hush little one…please don’t cry…*removes one of her ribbons and gives it to Mimmy*

Mimmy: Guuuu-aaahh!!! *plays with the ribbon*

Keroleen: That’s a good girl. *strokes the kitten’s head*

Keroppi: *looks around uncomfortably* Are we supposed to climb the mountain? Ribbit!

Kyorosuke: No! Remember what the White Deity said? We’re supposed to howl together

Keroppi: Howl? How are we going to do that? We can’t howl! Ribbit!

Mimmy: Meeeow!

Ganta: *croak*

Keroleen: I can howl…It’s easy…A-WOOO-ROAK! *turns red* Oopsie…I croaked…

Kyorosuke: Geez…this is going to be difficult…

Keroppi: We’d better do something…and fast…I don’t feel good about this place…


Kyorosuke: HOWRLCK!!!

Keroppi: Again! On 3! *looks behind him* Let’s not croak this time. 1…2…3…

Chorus: AAA-WOOOOOOOO!!!!!

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  1. Says:

    Lol. I wish I was there in person to see those frogs howl like that. ^^

  2. hello kitty Says:

    awwww cute baby mimmy

  3. Says:

    You said it Gentatsu, lol!

  4. Badtz Maru Says:


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