The Unauthorized Froggy Journal
I’m Kerokerokeroppi! And remember that!

Journey Through The Ice

Gentatsu: Oops! I forgot you guys were still here. Any questions? ^^

Keroppi: Yeah! *staring at the white PSP* Does that come in frog green?

Ganta: Give it up Keroppi! If the green shade you like doesn’t come out, we’ll paint you one. *hem hem* Come on! Let’s go!

*Strong and buff, Ganta used his strength and dragged the smaller frog in the snow.*

Keroppi: Bye Deity! See you laterzzzz…Burrrr…rrribibbit! It’s cold!

Kyorosuke: My dear ice sculpture, I’ll be back for you. It’s dangerous out there. You might get hurt. You’ll be safe here my sweet.

*The group now headed towards the north. The seemingly endless sea of white snow ends abruptly at a towering mountain surrounded by snowstorms and hail.*

4 Responses to “Journey Through The Ice”

  1. Pink Bear Says:

    I should be worried, right?

  2. Says:

    Keroleen, give Mimmy something to play with, that will keep her busy and she won’t find your hair so interesting for awhile at least.

  3. Says:

    I believe the White Diety has already replied. ^^

  4. Says:

    ^ Indeed I have.

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