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A Plea To The White Deity

(Keroppi’s thoughts: Kyorosuke got a life-size ice sculpture from the White Deity. I wonder how he will bring that home. It’s strange why the Deity easily gave something away…has our task started already? Ribbit!)

Kyorosuke: Kyoro Kyoro Kyoro Kyoro Kyoro…I’m so happy! My very own pretty girl ice sculpture!!!

Mimmy: Guuu-ic!

Ganta: *jumped towards the White Deity* Sir…are you one of the Stone Deities? We need your help!

Keroleen: Yes, please help us…Ouch! Mimmy, stop pulling! We need to bring our friend back..Ouch…to normal…Owieee!!!

*Ganta explained to the White Deity about Mimmy’s reversed aging condition. Then he showed the Deity the colored stones which materialized from his strange dream.*

Ganta: According to the dream, we must find items represented by each of the stones. Those items are needed to cure Mimmy. Please…help us…*cough cough hem*

4 Responses to “A Plea To The White Deity”

  1. Says:

    Actually that ice sculpture has a special ability. Its made out of ice but it never melts. ^^

  2. Kyorosuke Says:

    O_o Then…then…she’ll be with me forever! FOREVER! KYORO KYORO KYORO!!!

  3. Pink Bear Says:

    Wooo! Hold your horses Kyorosuke, calm down, she said it won’t melt not that it won’t break! :D

  4. Says:

    The White Deity is a “he”. ^^

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