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I Wish…

Friday, October 31st, 2008

I can’t believe it! After all those trials! Ganta please…try to remember…*sob*

I should have saved my wish from the White Deity for this…but I just want our lives to be back to normal…it’s not like I wished for something selfish…I hope the others haven’t used up their wishes…

* * *

Why is magic so complicated? Ribbit! Why does this have to happen? Why is everything back-firing? Maybe I can wish for Ganta’s memories to return…but…will I have to sacrifice something else as well? I’m so confused. I’m afraid.

Sacrifice…My Mero…Why does life revolve around sacrifices? For one to be happy, another will become sad. Why can’t everyone be happy?

The Price

Friday, October 31st, 2008

Go back to where it all began…to Donut Pond. Use the Hikari no Yaiba and create a magical fire barrier. This barrier will protect Ganta and Mimmy. Pour the Dunny Potion in the Ice Gashapon then drop the Aquamarine Jewel and let the potion dissolve it. Then let Mimmy drink the potion.

If your desire to help someone is really strong, then it will be granted. Be careful though, since this spell is very powerful. It is only natural that in this world, with each action there’s an equal reaction. Same with magic, if something is given to you, another thing will be taken.

Ganta: There’s no turning back. For Mimmy’s sake. I have followed what the Green Deity has instructed me to do. *cough croak*

Ganta took a deep breath and gave the infant Mimmy the potion he created using the rewards from each Deity. When she finished drinking the potion, bright light suddenly emanated from her. She then levitated from Ganta’s arms. Angel wings sprouted from her back then it wrapped around her like a cocoon.

Everyone stared in awe as the white, feathery cocoon floated up in the clear blue sky over Donut Pond. Then it cracked, revealing the normal size and form of Mimmy. She slowly floated back to the ground.

Mimmy: I’m back!

Ganta: Welcome home!

Suddenly there was a cracking sound. Simultaneously, Ganta collapsed on the ground. His eyes all glazed like that of a lifeless mannequin.

Mimmy: GANTA! NO!

Keroppi: What happened?!

Keroleen: NOOOO!

Kyorosuke: Buddy! *shakes his friend* Snap out of it!

Mimmy: No! This is not happening! After all you have been through for me!

Ganta croaked weakly. His lifeless eyes blinked then looked at Mimmy.

Ganta: Who are you?

Back To Donut Pond!

Friday, October 31st, 2008

I can’t believe it! We’re going home! We’re really going home! The Green Deity told us to go back to where it all began…back to Donut Pond!

How long have we been away? I wonder how everyone is doing…I hope my parents and siblings are all ok. What about Donut Pond? Is it still the same barren wasteland?

We all jumped towards the direction of Donut Pond. I’m so excited! Everything will be back to normal!

Hunting For Unicorns

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Ganta: The last task…*cough cough* I hope those unicorns will not eat us or something.

Keroppi: Shhh…did you hear that…hoofsteps…

Kyorosuke: *pulls out his sword* We don’t know if these unicorns are dangerous. Best to be prepared.

Keroppi: Over there…unicorns! Ribbit!

unicornasaurus yellow front unicornasaurus gray back

Keroleen: They’re so cute! I want to keep one!

Keroppi: Keroleen, keep your voice down…We don’t want to scare them…

Ganta: *readies the magical rope from the Green Deity* This is quite long. You think we can capture both using both ends?

Keroppi: Let’s try. Kyorosuke…watch our backs…*picks up the other end of the rope*

Ganta: I’ll get the yellow one. You go get the gray one.

Keroppi: Ribbit! Got it! On 3! 1…2…3…GO!

*The two frogs threw the magical rope around the unicorns’ horns simultaneously. In shock, the two just froze and wasn’t able to fight back. With the power of the rope, both of the unicorns were tamed.*

Ganta: Great! *hem hem* One more unicorn to find…

Keroleen: KYAAAAAA!

Keroppi: Keroleen!

*He ran to the direction of the scream and there he found Keroleen kneeling on the ground protecting Mimmy with her arms. In front of her is a very angry black unicorn.*

unicornasaurus black front

Black Unicorn: How dare you capture my comrades!

Ganta: I’m sorry! *cough cough* We really need you three! It’s for my friend. She doesn’t have much time left.

Keroleen: We mean you no harm…

Kyorosuke: The Green Deity asked us to look for unicorns in this forest.

Black Unicorn: The Green Deity? Why didn’t you say so! If it’s for the Deity, then we will go with you.

*Without any hesitation the three unicorns followed the frogs back to the Green Deity’s house. Upon arrival, they saw the Deity already standing outside the door. When the unicorns saw her, they bowed down before her.*

The Green Deity’s Forest

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

The froggies thanked the White Deity and the wolf, and left their icy domain.

Kyorosuke: WHY?!?!? Why must we leave her?!?!

Keroppi: It’s too much of a hassle to carry your ice statue around. You know that we’re in a hurry. Ribbit! Don’t worry. We’ll go back for her when all of this is over.

Ganta: Yeah! *cough cough* Your statue is in good hands anyway.

Keroleen: Where are we going next?

Ganta: The last stone, which is green is blinking. *hem hem*

Keroppi: Green! My favorite color! What’s in the map indicator.

Ganta: There’s a tree and some sort of rabbit silhouette. *cough*

Keroleen: Rabbit…You thinking what I’m thinking…?

Keroppi: I doubt it. Even if it’s a rabbit…it doesn’t look like her…

Kyorosuke: Let’s check out that tree first. We haven’t been to the forest area of SanrioTown. It’s near anyway. Maybe we’ll find the next Deity there.

Ganta: *hem hem cough* Yes…let’s check out that area…

Keroppi: Ganta? What’s wrong?

Ganta: I’m fine…I’m just tired…I hope we’ll bring back Mimmy before her birthday…I’m afraid that…

Keroleen: Ganta…don’t worry. We’ll save her. Trust in yourself and trust in your friends.

*Ganta smiled slightly and took the small form of Mimmy from Keroleen’s arms.*

Ganta: This will be over soon. We’ll bring you back to the way you really are. *he whispered to the small cat*

hly1 *The group headed towards the forest area and there they found a house with a painted symbol on the door.*

Keroppi: Hey! Ribbit! That looks like a rabbit or something.

Ganta: It’s the same silhouette as the one in the map. *cough croak*

Keroleen: Finally, the last Deity

A Wish From The White Deity

Friday, October 24th, 2008

keroblog stone


Can I really save her with my wish?

I still need to find more deities though. I guess that my wish cannot be granted…or it can be granted…

I’m confused.

I want to use my wish now…I don’t want her to disappear…

Then again, if I search for all the deities I can still save her. I will use my wish when I cannot do anything anymore…

Yes, as long as I can do it using my own strength and abilities, I will do it.

I will not depend on wishes alone.

The journey must go on.

Life With…

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

Chorus: AAA-WOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Their chorus echoes throughout the mountains and a moment of silence engulfs the whole mountain. Its as if the mountain itself was listening to their plea.

A bone chilling reply. A long pronounced howl of a real wolf engulfs the air.

And from the shadows a great white wolf appears before them.


Kyorosuke: AHHHH! A WOLF! A WOLF! *hops on top of Ganta*

Keroppi: Ribbit! *gulp*

*Ganta takes the sword from Kyorosuke and readies it.*

White Wolf: I am the guardian of the mountain and I have been expecting you.

Ganta: *puts down the sword* Great White Wolf, my name is Ganta. We were sent here by the White Deity.

White Wolf: Answer my riddle and you shall be rewarded with what you seek.

*Greatly puzzled by the riddle, the frog gang huddled together and discussed the possible results.*

Keroleen: Wait forever…? Is it really that hard to answer the riddle?

Keroppi: Even if it’s not forever…we can’t stay that long here or else we will all become like those ice statues at the White Deity’s domain.

Ganta: The wolf emphasized some words…kuroimidoriishirohaiiro… Does anyone know what those mean?

Kyorosuke: My friend, it seems you were absent when that was discussed in school. Let me explain to you. Those are colors in Japanese. Kuroi is black. Midorii is green. Shiro is white. Haiiro is gray/silver.

Ganta: *cough cough cough* Colors?

Keroleen: You think he’s talking about the weather or the changing seasons? There’s green for spring…white for winter…Oh nooo…that’s not it…

Keroppi: It’s not that simple. Ribbit! Did you notice that there’s a certain order for the colors mentioned in the riddle, and there’s one color that doesn’t seem to belong…

Kyorosuke: *sits on the ice* I’m sleepy and my head hurts, I don’t want to think anymore. Times like these makes me want to sit around and play video games.

Keroppi: Yeah! I miss those days wherein we just hang-out and play in my room. Should have gotten a PSP when I had the chance. At least this journey will have some relaxation.

Ganta: PSP! *hem hem* Hey, remember the White Deity’s PSP?

Keroppi: What about it?

Ganta: It’s white! Shiro!

Keroppi: The wolf can’t be talking about that…he should have mentioned the other colors as well…Ribbit!

Ganta:…wait! *cough ahem* I’m getting there! It’s not the PSP. It’s the other product…the bigger one…the PS3!

*The wolf’s ears suddenly twitched upon hearing the word.*

Howling Frogs

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

*As the group reached the foot of the mountain, the hail and snowstorm stopped. All could be heard is the eerie howling of the wind between the mountain chasms. The sun comes out briefly to give our little froggy heroes some warmth.*

Ganta: *looks up the towering mountain* We have finally reached our destination. *cough cough*

Keroppi: I have a bad feeling about this…

Mimmy: WAAAAA!

Keroleen: Hush little one…please don’t cry…*removes one of her ribbons and gives it to Mimmy*

Mimmy: Guuuu-aaahh!!! *plays with the ribbon*

Keroleen: That’s a good girl. *strokes the kitten’s head*

Keroppi: *looks around uncomfortably* Are we supposed to climb the mountain? Ribbit!

Kyorosuke: No! Remember what the White Deity said? We’re supposed to howl together

Keroppi: Howl? How are we going to do that? We can’t howl! Ribbit!

Mimmy: Meeeow!

Ganta: *croak*

Keroleen: I can howl…It’s easy…A-WOOO-ROAK! *turns red* Oopsie…I croaked…

Kyorosuke: Geez…this is going to be difficult…

Keroppi: We’d better do something…and fast…I don’t feel good about this place…


Kyorosuke: HOWRLCK!!!

Keroppi: Again! On 3! *looks behind him* Let’s not croak this time. 1…2…3…

Chorus: AAA-WOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Journey Through The Ice

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

Gentatsu: Oops! I forgot you guys were still here. Any questions? ^^

Keroppi: Yeah! *staring at the white PSP* Does that come in frog green?

Ganta: Give it up Keroppi! If the green shade you like doesn’t come out, we’ll paint you one. *hem hem* Come on! Let’s go!

*Strong and buff, Ganta used his strength and dragged the smaller frog in the snow.*

Keroppi: Bye Deity! See you laterzzzz…Burrrr…rrribibbit! It’s cold!

Kyorosuke: My dear ice sculpture, I’ll be back for you. It’s dangerous out there. You might get hurt. You’ll be safe here my sweet.

*The group now headed towards the north. The seemingly endless sea of white snow ends abruptly at a towering mountain surrounded by snowstorms and hail.*

A Plea To The White Deity

Friday, October 10th, 2008

(Keroppi’s thoughts: Kyorosuke got a life-size ice sculpture from the White Deity. I wonder how he will bring that home. It’s strange why the Deity easily gave something away…has our task started already? Ribbit!)

Kyorosuke: Kyoro Kyoro Kyoro Kyoro Kyoro…I’m so happy! My very own pretty girl ice sculpture!!!

Mimmy: Guuu-ic!

Ganta: *jumped towards the White Deity* Sir…are you one of the Stone Deities? We need your help!

Keroleen: Yes, please help us…Ouch! Mimmy, stop pulling! We need to bring our friend back..Ouch…to normal…Owieee!!!

*Ganta explained to the White Deity about Mimmy’s reversed aging condition. Then he showed the Deity the colored stones which materialized from his strange dream.*

Ganta: According to the dream, we must find items represented by each of the stones. Those items are needed to cure Mimmy. Please…help us…*cough cough hem*