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Happy Birthday Kyorosuke and Denden!

Let the party begin!!!


Today is the start of Kyorosuke and Denden’s joint birthday celebration. You know how parties are in Donut Pond, it usually lasts for more than a day. Anyway, let us all wish them a Happy Birthday!

I know it’s really hot these days so the pond is open for everyone to swim. One important rule though, NO THROWING OF FOOD, DRINKS, TRASH IN THE POND AND AROUND THE AREA! If you feel that you can’t finish your food and drinks, just get what is right for you first. You can go back for more later. Remember, a lot of people and animals are starving. As for your trash, there are designated trash bins around the area.

Alright! Ribbit! Everybody is all set! PARTY TIME!!!

kero swim grp

4 Responses to “Happy Birthday Kyorosuke and Denden!”

  1. Keroppi Says:

    Swimming is so much fun, especially in this hot weather. Ribbit!

  2. Says:

    Swimming is so much fun!

  3. Keroleen Says:

    Heehee. Once in awhile I like to do sun bathing, but not too long.

  4. Says:

    awww i missed this party. :(

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