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I’m Kerokerokeroppi! And remember that!

Musical Kitchen

Keroleen: ZRIBBIT! What’s all that commotion in the kitchen?! *hops to the kitchen*

Ganta: Hi Keroleen! *croak* These pans make great sounds when lined up precisely and hit with the right force. So are the glasses.

Keroleen: GANTA! ZRIBBIT! Please don’t practice your drum playing in the kitchen. All my kitchenware are fragile! Noooo! Not the Pyrex measuring glass Keroppi’s mother gave me! T-T

Ganta: …I’m so sorry Keroleen…*hem hem*

Keroleen: Please…please…don’t treat my kitchenware as toys…T-T *sob* You already have your video game to practice with…Please don’t play in my kitchen, I know that you really want to improve your skills, but this is not the right place to do it…

Ganta: *tries to comfort the crying Keroleen but decided not to* I’m so sorry… *and he quietly left the kitchen*

3 Responses to “Musical Kitchen”

  1. Keroppi Says:

    Ribbit! She’ll calm down. As long as you didn’t break anything.

  2. Ganta Says:

    I’m really sorry for what I did. *cough cough* I was very immature. It won’t happen again. I hope she’s no longer mad at me.

  3. Says:

    I don’t think she’s mad at you, disappointed a bit at how immature you behaved, but not mad at you. It’s good you apologized. I’m sure that will get her to cheer up faster knowing you showed you care enough to say sorry.:).

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