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Cake Madness

*drinks milk*

Just when I thought it will be a great day, everything fell apart because of a crush. Here’s how it all started:

I was cleaning my room when Keroleen knocked on the door and invited me to cook in the kitchen. Ribbit! It’s rare of her to suddenly invite me to her special territory. We usually cook together if there’s a special occasion, but most of the time she wants to be alone when cooking as if she doesn’t want anybody to witness the magic that she does on her menu.

So I followed her to the kitchen and saw all the ingredients for a cake! "Yummy!" I thought and gladly helped her make the cake. As the minutes ticked by, I kept on asking her about the cake but her answer was only a soft giggle. "Hmm…strange reaction. She’s usually talkative on those rare cook-together-moments," I said to myself. "Oh well, she must be concentrating."

After awhile, the oven timer stopped and she suddenly jumped with her kitchen mittens ready and effortlessly brought the hot pan to the table. She then worked her magic on decorating the cake. Her hands were so fast, from an ordinary chocolate cake came a really marvelous decorated one. Complete with freshly whipped mallow icing and candied fruits on top, but what shocked me the most was the message written at the center of the cake…


My jaw dropped! Ribbit! Why would she make a cake for the new boy in town without telling me?!?! O_O

I was still wide-eyed when she kissed me on the cheek as she packed the cake in a green box. Then she left, off to deliver the cake to the new comer.

I’m back in my room now. Sadly writing about my sad experience. I have mixed feelings now, I know it’s only crush but I still feel jealous. I don’t know how I will react if I see Hiiragi. He’s a pretty boy with nice hair and…I don’t have hair to start with…

*gulps a whole glass of milk*

Ribbit! She made cake for him…=_=

…she didn’t tell me it was for him in the beginning…

*slumps on the keyboard*


4 Responses to “Cake Madness”

  1. Says:

    Ohohoho! Don’t be jealous. Keroleen only has eyes for you. Focus on your hobbies if you can’t keep your mind of it. Remember, jealousy is not a good thing.

  2. Mimmy Says:

    Uh oh… Better have a talk with Keroppi, Keroleen… and fast!:O

    (I didn’t know he’s the jealous type.@_@)

  3. Says:

    *drinks milk from bottle*

    *mumbles* Tomorrow’s White Day…=_=



  4. Says:

    Hmmm… she only has eyes for you. Don’t take it to heart.^^

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