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New Resident

My pie almost burned!!! @_@ Why? Because I was staring at the new handsome resident of SanrioTown, Hiiragi

Uh-oh, Kuromi’s going to be pretty mad at me. I think my invitation for the two of us to cook together will be rejected. :(  Also, I hope Keroppi doesn’t get mad at me for staring at Hiiragi. I couldn’t help it, he looks like a movie star.

*sigh* I think I need to take a long walk and maybe I should visit the little garden Keroppi made for me for Valentine’s day. That should keep my mind occupied.  ~Keroleen~

2 Responses to “New Resident”

  1. Says:

    heehee!! Don’t worry Keroleen! We won’t tell! :p

  2. Says:

    Shhhh! XD

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