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Keroleen’s Meat Trouble

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

OMG! That was a close one…I almost cooked Tabby! @_@

I know I cooked enough food for a lot of guests. Knowing Keroppi, he invited everybody for my birthday. But everytime I bring out new dishes to the serving table, they all miraculously disappear! Is my cooking really that good or the guests have not eaten in the past few days?

I went back to the kitchen to replenish just to find out that I ran out of meat! I panicked and ran out into the living room crying, “Meat! Meat! I need more meat!” and bumped into Zashiki. He was holding something cold and gray which I thought was meat. My eyes gleamed with joy and touched what he was carrying, “Is that meat? Oh, thank you for bringing some.”

Zashiki’s small beady eyes suddenly widened and quickly hugged what he was holding and turned around.  I suddenly realized that it wasn’t meat and quickly apologized to him then I heard a soft, squeaky voice coming from Zashiki’s arms, “Noooo…I’m Tabby…”

Surprised and about to cry, Zashiki looked at what he’s holding, “Tabby has finally spoken…” and gently hugged his friend.

Everybody was touched by that scene and offered a toast (with glasses containing milk and apple juice for the lactose intolerant guests like Mimmy). Unexpectedly though, Kuromi, who has been drinking milk since she arrived, poured some on Tabby and was muttering about “milk marinade”! O_O

Happy Birthday Keroleen!

Monday, January 21st, 2008

Today is Keroleen’s birthday (January 21). There will be a special dinner at Donut Pond later to celebrate her special day. Everybody is welcome to join us. No themes and nothing fancy, just a small gathering since we just came back from Paris and we didn’t have time to prepare. Ribbit! Keroleen will still be cooking her famous recipes though and that is something to really look forward to.

Anyway, Happy Birthday my dear! *kiss* ~^_^~

"Jumbled" Letters

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008


Ok, the keyboard has been fixed, thanks to Noberu. He’s pretty good with gadgets and stuff, but there’s a slight problem with the keyboard now…THE KEYS ARE ARRANGED ALPHABETICALLY! *Hem hem*

If I press the key “A” it registers “Q”, if it’s “B” it registers “W” and so on. Good thing I can type without looking at the keyboard, but everytime I look at it they’re alphabetically arranged…it’s all wrong… *Ahem* I know Noberu is being systematic and organized but keys on keyboards are arranged differently… *hem*

Anyway, I finally found what I needed, a keyboard diagram to be printed out. Time for me to go back to Noberu so that he can finally fix this keyboard again. *Ahem ahem*

But before that, I’m leaving you guys with this cool computer peripherals set. *Croak* I would love to own this set one of these days.

Ganta’z Accident

Monday, January 14th, 2008

0h n0! Ker0ppi will be h0me z00n and I have made a terrible miztake! *Ahem*

Y0u zee, he called in a few h0urz ag0 t0 ann0unce that Tabby haz been ph0und and that they’ll be c0ming h0me. *Hem hem* I waz all happy and jumpy az I put the ph0ne receiver back 0n the cradle but I didn’t n0tice that my z0da was in the way and z0 it happened…I ZPILLED Z0DA ON KER0PPI’Z KEYB0ARD! *Ahem*

I tried cleaning it but n0w it d0ezn’t work az it uzed t0 be. @_@ The keyz are all zticky and zquizhy and z0me letterz d0n’t register. I’m using 0, ph and z to zubztitute f0r letterz. I d0n’t kn0w what else d0ezn’t work. It’z s0 hard t0 think 0f zubztitute w0rdz and letterz f0r this entry n0w. *ahem*

I even tried zhining Mimmy’z phlazhlight gipht 0n it thinking it will dry 0ut more. *hem* What am I g0ing t0 d0? They’ll be h0me anytime n0w. *Ahem* 

Year of the Tabby

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

We finally found Tabby thanks to Kuromi and Baku, and he has finally reunited with his best pal Zashiki. Tabby’s a little bruised but he will be well soon and will be hopping about in no time. Ribbit! Even though he’s small, he is very strong, both body and mind.

Such a great way to start the New Year. This 2008 is year of the rat…so it’s Tabby’s year! ^_^ Finding him is probably a sign that the new year will be very fruitful for all of us. Ribbit!

A random thought though…how come there’s no year of the frog (Keroppi year!)…no year of the cat (Mimmy year!)…? Zashiki has his year and so is Kuromi. Ribbit! Oh well…but just thinking about those fortune symbols of frogs and cats is making me smile already.

New Year Surprise!

Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

We finally caught Zashiki’s attention and we brought him to Seine river and tried to make him feel better. Poor guy, he’s so depressed, he even ignored the Keromoo milk I offered him.

We sat by the riverside and stared at the wonderful holiday decorations. Christmas is over and the New Year is almost here, and this is actually the first time I felt the holidays since we left for Paris. We’ve been very tired and busy in the search for Tabby. We sure got a lot of catching up to do when all of this is over.

As we waited for the last few moments of 2007…to our surprise, we saw Kuromi and Baku

…and Tabby! Ribbit! O_O