The Unauthorized Froggy Journal
I’m Kerokerokeroppi! And remember that!

Frog Legs!

It’s true! We’re lost in Paris. Being the one who stayed in Paris for some time, we let Keroleen lead the way to our destination. Ribbit! She is really good in following cooking directions, but poor when it comes to signs, navigation and remembering places, she really has a bad sense of direction.  @_@

We tried asking two people who were wearing black shirts for directions but they just looked at us strangely then they suddenly shouted and chased after us! Apparently, frog legs are a delicacy in some parts of France, so we have to be very cautious.

keroppi sleepWe’re all very tired and hungry…Ribbit! We are currently resting in a secure spot where the black-shirted guys will not find us. Poor Mimmy, she’s not the one they’re after but she had to run and hide with us as well.

Time to use my laptop and find our exact location and what route we have to take to Zashiki’s place. I really appreciate Sailorkitty’s advice, but I think we should avoid the main roads for now. It’s getting very difficult to find Tabby since our legs are also at stake now! Ribbit!


4 Responses to “Frog Legs!”

  1. KT Sanctuary Says:

    Wah! Frog legs!! This whole Paris deal is getting really difficult, I hope you find Tabby SOON. @_@

  2. lilybethflame Says:

    Try costumes to hide yourselves, so that you can move about more freely, them get to the tower and make your calls, remember to tell Zashikibuta and Marie what your dressed up as and why.

  3. Says:

    Be very careful! Those guys must be extremely evil poachers. Frogs are now protected species in France.

  4. Says:

    Keroleen here. *sob* I’m sorry for causing so much trouble with the road directions. Also, those nasty men are still after us. I never encountered this kind of problem when I studied here. *sob*

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