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Color Your World

Friday, August 31st, 2007

This is interesting. Hehe. I encountered this in Rukia’s blog. I think I’ll answer it so that my attention will be diverted elsewhere. Life is rough nowadays.

So, how am I suppose to describe color to someone who can’t see, distinguish or for the visually challenged in general� For me, I think is through the taste of food. For example, if I want to describe the color red, I would let the person taste something spicy. Green is something cool and minty. Yellow is something sour or citrus in flavor. Pink is something sweet and candied. Blue is something refreshing like water perhaps. Black is something bitter.

The more complex the food tastes, the more color combinations. The intensity of the taste could also describe how bright or dull the color is. Food for your thoughts. Hehe.


Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

Oh wow! Another poor soul just revealed herself. Her name is Mimmy and she has experienced many hardships in this cruel world.

I understand the feeling. In a small community wherein everybody is supposed to be promoting equality and sharing, this is what we get? Thrown out and ignored since they think we are no longer of use to them.

Hello? (the sarcastic use of the word “Hello” and not as a name) This is not a popularity contest. We all had our share of the limelight, but did we get any respect? We never asked anything in return for all the weird things the producers asked us to do. Then without any notice, they move the obscure characters, like me and Mimmy, to unknown places when all the hype is over.

War? Definitely. Don’t look down on us frogs or the other maltreated characters like Mimmy. ò_ó


Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

Woooo! I was tagged by Rei. Some people still think of me.

OK, here goes…5 memorable nights of a frog:

1. “Concert Night” There was this rainy evening a few nights ago. A bunch of us living in Donut Pond decided to go out out for frogs’ night out. It’s very rare nowadays that we get together that way. We sat on the lilypads, reminisced and joked all night long.�But the best part was…we got to ressonate!

2. Snail Race. I love snail race. One time, I entered Den-den�at the country fair snail race. Even with his lack of activity and exercise, he won!

3. Keroleen. It was a night to remember when I asked Keroleen to be my girlfriend. After all these years, we’re still together. I love her so much! <3

4. Stardom. Another night to remember was when Sanrio introduced me as one of their characters. It was a great night, a lot of celebrities were there. I was star struck myself. Hehe.

5. Water-proof Wii. Remember that Noberu is the brains of the group? He water-proofed my Nintendo Wii the other night with a special chemical he invented. Hehe. No more risk of electrocution while playing, especially since we live in a very damp area.

Tag other people? I don’t know anybody here..Maybe next time.

Can a Frog Save the World?

Thursday, August 23rd, 2007


I don’t know if I’m going to be happy or angry about this other popular frog. I kinda have mixed emotions towards him. But, I find his tactic of going through the hearts of men and women amusing.

True, simplicity is the key. Frogs are supposed to be simple and not too cutesy and colorful. Frogs like me are nature loving creatures and we don’t like fancy, flashy colors and city lights. I guess that’s what made me unpopular compared to the other Sanrio characters. It is hard to represent the real me in their colorful world.

Rival? Frog Style? How am I suppose to rival against a growing 380 species group? Anyway, that Keroro frog guy is included even if he’s out to conquer our world. I think Frog Style is a means of bringing the whole frog community together and help out whoever is in need.

Let me share their story:

“For someone looking for happiness, someone feeling blue, someone not feeling satisfied… for those people, the frogs are going to bring them messages.
And it is “FROG STYLE”

There are many types of “FROG STYLE”

When you find them in town, please receive a heart warming message from them. They may heal your bad feeling and cheer you up.”

There is still hope for all of us frogs! Now, instead of ranting about my fellow frogs, it’s time to focus on ranting about non-frogs!!!

If you can’t beat fellow frogs…join them!

Froggy Icons

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

Lookie! More frogs! You may not be aware of it, but it’s not only during the rainy season that frogs appear, they are actually all over the net, rain or shine. And I thought frogs are no longer appreciated.

This is the image shack frog and he’s yellow.

Here’s another nice frog with a good product endorsement job, as the Azureus client icon.

I sure wish I get a job like that, as a nice program or web icon that’s always seen by people. @_@


Friday, August 17th, 2007

If there are things that make me happy, sad or angry, there are definitely things that make me scared.

Fears of a frog:



Unfortunate Accident

I know, I know…I may have been watching a lot of exaggerated animes lately, but these are actually true and I think a lot of frogs will agree with me on this.

Retro Gaming

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

I’m playing my old games again. XD

Ever since Nintendo Wii came out, I got to play my old NES and SNES titles. My favorite is Keroppi and Keroleen’s Splash Bomb, which was released for the NES platform.



I love video and computer games. I sure wish they add me to that Sanrio online RPG…with a good game role and not just a random NPC.

My Froggy Pals

Monday, August 13th, 2007

Keroleen is a natural peacemaker. She’s always there to stop an argument or make us feel better whenever conflicts arise. A fashion-addict, she’s always updated with the latest styles. Also a good chef, she likes to bake goodies and from time to time whip us a batch of pancakes.

If Keroleen is up to date with the latest fashion, Kyorosuke is updated with the latest information about practically anything since he is blessed with superior eyesight. Besides getting the latest information, he’s also good at underwater swimming.

Ganta is the strong and fearsome looking frog, but don’t be fooled by that exterior. In reality, he’s afraid of the dark and heights…shhhh…don’t tell him that I told you guys.

Noberu is the deep thinker of our group. Like his father, he wants to be a good weather forecaster for the government. Still young, he’s very talented, and can already predict incoming hurricanes.


Friday, August 10th, 2007

Rain. Rain. I love the rain. It improves my mood and it also makes my skin all smooth and shiny. The humidity and temperature is just right, it makes me want to croak all night long.

I always look forward for the rainy season. But with the bad environmental / weather condition, I don’t know anymore when it actually starts. I’m glad that Teruteru is around to help predict the weather.

Around this time of the year, I wait for the first drop of rain on my lily pad. That signals one of the few moments of happiness that I got in my short froggy life.

The cool weather and the soft trickle of rain helps me forget this feeling of despair. Add to it a warm glass of milk, a bag of sugar-coated crunchy crickets, and freshly-baked donuts made by Keroleen and the whole moment is perfect.


Thursday, August 9th, 2007

Yeah. Yeah. I just found out that there’s a popular frog around. His name is Keroro Gunsou (Sgt. Keroro). So the issue here is not really about people disliking frogs. What then?

Ok, this Keroro guy has his own TV show with over 100 episodes and still counting. Also, he’s not alone, he has his whole frog platoon with him and once in awhile there are other guest frogs appear in some episodes. Ribbit!!! But…but…I’m not alone, I also have other froggy friends whom I can also resonate with and I also appeared on a TV show.

His merchandise ranges from music CDs, gashapons, keychains, cellphone straps, toys, plastic model kits, etc. I also got my own merchandise like notebooks, pens, towels, watches, etc.

What?! He even has his own Fix Figuration similar to the Gundam ones! Ribbit!!! A 1:1 model of himself! Oh my goodness!

What is with this guy? What made him so appealing up until now? We’re both frogs with a TV show, merchandise line and friends…or in his case minions.

I was here first! I’m older than him! And that’s my croak…Kerokerokerokerokero…