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Hello, Welcome to part 2 of the Hello Kitty electronics thingy that I’m doing. Today, I’m covering the on-the-go electronics. Such as:

A cell phone, a portable DVD player, an mp3 player, a gameboy, and a laptop.

Okay, so I guess that I’m gonna start with the cell phone.

323114933_o.jpg <—This is my someday cell phone! It’s just adorable and it’s a touch screen and so much more!

323114911_o.jpg <—Here’s the back view of it. I don’t really know why it says front view. O.o.

imagescahxtgd9.jpg <—This is the Hello Kitty portable DVD player, and it’s awesome! The screen turns so you can hold it better and it’s got a Hello Kitty face on it!

 21zzsv7jf6l__sl160_.jpg<—This is an actual Hello Kitty mp3 player! Isn’t that awsome? I think that it’s really cute! :)

imagescaf75j0c.jpg<—This is the Hello Kitty edition of the Game Boy Color. And look! It also has a Hello Kitty face on it! :) I just love Hello Kitty faces…

imagescamkh7yu.jpg<—And last, here’s the laptop! And that’s not a laptop that you see there, nope! This is an authentic Hello Kitty laptop! It’s so cool!

And that’s the end of this post, hope you enjoyed! :)

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