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Hello once again! Sorry that I haven’t posted in awhile!  I’m covering an assortment of Hello Kitty electronics. First up, let’s cover household electronics. Meaning:

Vacuum, Hair Dryer, Water Dispenser, TV, and how about…Refrigerator. :) (BTW I know that there are more houshold electronics, but I just randomly chose these ones.)

imagesca6wdv15.jpg <— Hello Kitty vacuum. It’s cute and stylish, yet efficient.

imagescajbi7pm.jpg <—this is the Hair Dryer. I actually own this model, and I love it! :) On the side it says, “Have a happy hair day!” So cute!

imagescaow36hw.jpg <—This is the water dispenser, and it’s actually smaller than it looks. It’s probably about two or three feet tall, but so adorable!

imagescayinrcb.jpg <— This is THE ultimate Hello Kitty TV! (!!!) It’s a flatscreen, HD TV, it’s pink, and best of all: It says HELLO KITTY on it! *squeals with excitement*

imagescau2n5qv.jpg <—And last of the Home electronics section, a Hello Kitty Refrigerator. (You didn’t really think that it was a big one, did you?) It’s a mini Fridge with a Hello Kitty face and her name on it. The only problem: it’s not pink. (Which the color pink isn’t my favorite, but Hello Kitty and pink just seem to go together and seeing her with red is kind of strange.

And that’s the end of the Hello Kitty Electronics: Home Electronics post.

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