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Hola! (I’m working on my Spanish. :)) Today’s post is on…Webkinz! (Yay! Cheer!) When I was about…wow I blanked on how old I was. Let’s see…*pauses to think*… Oh! I think I was about eight. Yeah…sorry! So, when I was eight, I received my first Webkin, and I LOVED it! I mean, I slept with it, played with it, and took pictures of it. It was like my stuffed animal friend. And then I can’t even express how long I spent online. I loved all of the little games and the cute characters.

 kerryns-old-pictures-075.jpg <– two of my beloved Webkinz.

Oh, and if any of you are wondering, although I can’t see the date on that picture, I’ll have you know that my camera never had the right time or date. Sooo….yeah. I think that they should make a Hello Kitty webkin! Although, I’ve grown out of them now, I would SO buy it! Hello Kitty is just so cute! And I think that the Webkinz stuffed animals are kindof cute, so it’s like a jumbo bundle of cuteness! :) That would be so awesome!

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