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Hello people! Sorry that I haven’t written in awhile! The next random thing on the list is…(drumroll) WATCHES!! Yeah! So first I’m going to give a speech on why I think that watches are important. Ahem. If you always have the time on your wrist, it will reduce your chances of being late to different appointments. Also you get to feeel smart because when everyone else is like, “What time is it?” you get to look at your watch and say, “It’s five-thirty! Oh my! I almost missed my show! Good thing I have a watch!” Isn’t feeling smart awesome?! So that’s the end of my speech. Yay. Oooo! Guess what? I found these pictures of Hello Kitty watches to show!

hello-kitty-watch.jpg <— This one is SO cute! It’s so pretty and fancy-ish. I would wear this pretty much anywhere!

102387_1246722284504_76res_246_320.jpg <— This one is sparkly! I mean REALLY sparkly! And look! they even added faux sparkle thingys on the diamonds to make it look even more sparkly! :D

29-108-thickbox.jpg <— This one is SO colorful! It’s like a big, Hello Kitty RAINBOW! And I LOVE rainbows! :) chouette_hello_kitty_watch_red.jpg <— I find this one a little odd…but it’s still cute because it’s Hello Kitty! :)

And that’s pretty much it for now! Stay tuned for more random things!

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  1. Those watches are really cute! I actually really like the last on, and I like the second one a lot, too!!

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