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Yes, there are Hello Kitty contacts. You’re probably thinking, “How on earth can they make Hello Kitty contacts?!” Take a look at the girl’s eye below and look closely for a familier adorable face.


Do you see it? There’s a Hello Kitty face ON HER EYE!!! Is that not cool?! Oh my goodness! I need them! LOL jk, I don’t need them. I just think that they’re really cool. Plus, it would be fun to freak people out with them. You’d be all, “Hi, what’s up?” and they’d be, “Woah! What’s wrong with your eye? They have hello kitty faces on them? Seriously, how much time have you spent playing HKO?” That would be awesome. :)

And once you’re done wearing them for the day, you put them in this case:


Is that not cute?! Oh my goodness, I’d love to put my contacts in this case. I’ll have to find it somewhere! That’s all for now. Bye.

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  1. I would love owning a pair of Hello Kitty contacts! I wonder where I could order them… I’d totally get them if I could find them for a good price!

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