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Cute Hello Kitty food

Here are some adorable Hello Kitty foods that I found on the internet.

hello-kitty-coffe.jpg  Hello Kitty coffee or hot chocolate: I can’t tell what it is, but it’s SO cute!

hello-kitty-chocolate.jpg 1. It’s something chocolate.

2. It’s something Hello Kitty.

3. It’s awesome because of those two things. :)

hello-kitty-burger.jpg Now you can’t beat this! A Hello Kitty burger! Look at the little Hello Kitty face!

hello-kitty-ice-cream.jpg Two words! Hello Kitty and Ice cream! Oh wait, that’s like five words…oh well. Looks yummy!

hello-kitty-toast.jpg HELLO KITTY TOAST!!! I don’t even like toast that much, but I would so eat it every morning for breakfast if I had that toaster!

And that’s all for today! I hope you enjoyed!

Webkinz: You gotta love ‘em!

Hola! (I’m working on my Spanish. :)) Today’s post is on…Webkinz! (Yay! Cheer!) When I was about…wow I blanked on how old I was. Let’s see…*pauses to think*… Oh! I think I was about eight. Yeah…sorry! So, when I was eight, I received my first Webkin, and I LOVED it! I mean, I slept with it, played with it, and took pictures of it. It was like my stuffed animal friend. And then I can’t even express how long I spent online. I loved all of the little games and the cute characters.

 kerryns-old-pictures-075.jpg <– two of my beloved Webkinz.

Oh, and if any of you are wondering, although I can’t see the date on that picture, I’ll have you know that my camera never had the right time or date. Sooo….yeah. I think that they should make a Hello Kitty webkin! Although, I’ve grown out of them now, I would SO buy it! Hello Kitty is just so cute! And I think that the Webkinz stuffed animals are kindof cute, so it’s like a jumbo bundle of cuteness! :) That would be so awesome!

Are you ready for the weirdest thing yet?! HELLO KITTY DARTH VADER!!!!!

Hello once again!

I found this picture while searching for Hello Kitty stuff one day and thought it was pretty strange, but before I continue, I would like to make one thing clear. I would love for you to feel free to comment, but please do not say anything inappropriate or use bad language. Thank you.


I’m sorry, but this is just too strange! What are they going to think up next?! I still like it though. It IS Hello Kitty after all! :) I do pity the poor guy that had to wear it… Unless it was a girl, but that would be a bit strange. And awkward for me… I should probably stop rambling about this for now. I guess that’s the end of this strange post.

Hello Kitty…CONTACTS?!

Yes, there are Hello Kitty contacts. You’re probably thinking, “How on earth can they make Hello Kitty contacts?!” Take a look at the girl’s eye below and look closely for a familier adorable face.


Do you see it? There’s a Hello Kitty face ON HER EYE!!! Is that not cool?! Oh my goodness! I need them! LOL jk, I don’t need them. I just think that they’re really cool. Plus, it would be fun to freak people out with them. You’d be all, “Hi, what’s up?” and they’d be, “Woah! What’s wrong with your eye? They have hello kitty faces on them? Seriously, how much time have you spent playing HKO?” That would be awesome. :)

And once you’re done wearing them for the day, you put them in this case:


Is that not cute?! Oh my goodness, I’d love to put my contacts in this case. I’ll have to find it somewhere! That’s all for now. Bye.


Hello people! Sorry that I haven’t written in awhile! The next random thing on the list is…(drumroll) WATCHES!! Yeah! So first I’m going to give a speech on why I think that watches are important. Ahem. If you always have the time on your wrist, it will reduce your chances of being late to different appointments. Also you get to feeel smart because when everyone else is like, “What time is it?” you get to look at your watch and say, “It’s five-thirty! Oh my! I almost missed my show! Good thing I have a watch!” Isn’t feeling smart awesome?! So that’s the end of my speech. Yay. Oooo! Guess what? I found these pictures of Hello Kitty watches to show!

hello-kitty-watch.jpg <— This one is SO cute! It’s so pretty and fancy-ish. I would wear this pretty much anywhere!

102387_1246722284504_76res_246_320.jpg <— This one is sparkly! I mean REALLY sparkly! And look! they even added faux sparkle thingys on the diamonds to make it look even more sparkly! :D

29-108-thickbox.jpg <— This one is SO colorful! It’s like a big, Hello Kitty RAINBOW! And I LOVE rainbows! :) chouette_hello_kitty_watch_red.jpg <— I find this one a little odd…but it’s still cute because it’s Hello Kitty! :)

And that’s pretty much it for now! Stay tuned for more random things!

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