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Nancy Drew computer games

Okay, first random thing: Nancy Drew! Yayyyyy….Okay, I happen to be addicted to those Nancy Drew computer games. I LOVE them! They are so much fun! You go into the little town, or castle, or deserted island….and solve mysteries there! It’s so entertaining. My favorite game out of all twenty three of them (so far…don, don, don!) has to be Treasure in the Royal Tower.

Treasure in a Royal TowerIt’s one of the first ones that I played and its special to me.  My least favorite is most definetly Ransom of the Seven Ships.

201868ss_sm21.jpgLet me tell you, it is the longest, hardest, most challenging Nancy Drew game EVER! So If you are new to the mystery games, then DON’T start with this one! The last puzzle is nearly impossible! Even the cheats that you get don’t help you very much. (and that’s saying something) Soooooo I think that’s all I’m going to talk about for now. Thank you for reading!


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