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Funny ads capture our attention. Take a look:

(: what an ugly color

Cute ad !!

Pepsi also does a good job of getting the point across

Hahaha aww ^^

Ohh, smart ad. Doesn’t say Coca-Cola, but we all know it. Mmm Coke just got badly burnt :P

I always read the funny jokes and cartoons, but recently I heard that RD is going bankrupt?! I’m going to miss this short magazine. I sure hope it won’t go away forever!

Some hilarious cartoons I will miss:

The cutest slippers ever…

Get ready !!

You’ll be amazed


HAHAHAHAHA PSYCH !! But no, really. Some cute slippers comin’ up ^^

Haha, piggy slippers !! And I see some monkey and bunny slippers in the back xD

Strawberry (I think my friend has these x3 jealous !)

Pooh bear !! These are too cute xD

Wahh!! Monkey slippers !! xD CUTE!!

MARIO MUSHROOM SLIPPERS !! BWAHAHAHA!! These are plain awesome.

Hehehe, in pink too !! :)

… tea !!

Cool pictures of tea:

cute, right? ;P

Ohh a whistling teapot !!

Aww cute teabag (:

Hahaha this reminds me of Wall-E for some reason… ^^


Aww different colors too !! I want pink ;)

Do you like tea? What is your favorite? I love green tea (:

I am a hardcore fan of the books, movies, everything related to Harry Potter (:

Harry Potter trio


Pet Society’s theme of the week is also Harry Potter. Time to go on a major shopping spree !!

(; My new goal: learn how to juggle. I’m actually pretty good now, but I’m not too steady >.<

Classical music of the day: Schumman Piano Sonata in g minor

Today I basically hid in my room and decorated my printer with stickers and bows. ^^ Fun!

Also, I’ve decided (maybe :p) on a Halloween costume !! It’s inspired by SanrioTown. It’s really obvious.(:


Babies coming into a Hello Kitty world

A hospital in Japan… Notice how the girls get pink blankets and the boys get blue?

Hello Kitty ramen. ;D

Hello Kitty contacts? A bit much, but cute.

Yes or no?

I think they’re cute !! Tell me what you think ^^

Haha, I know. Bad pun. xD But check out these sexy watches:

Cute, right?

These two watches are for the wealthy… diamonds !!

$4250 diamond ring!! More bling for the wealthy ^^

Yes, random. But still!! It’s so cute and awesome! Made by a Taiwanese company, OKWAP, it’s a cellphone with Hello Kitty as its theme !!

Images of Hello Kitty even show up on the menus ~

I would love a Hello Kitty bag !!

Or coin purse!

Wow! A fully functioning limited-edition Hello Kitty mini-piano selling for $554 ??

Bam!! A hot pink Hello Kitty Ferrari (: That’s hot~♥

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