heehee… I got hooked up with some samples and wanted to share a bit.

G: I LOVE THIS ONE !! It’s my favorite. It’s summer-y and has a faint coconut tinge to it.

Lil’ Angel: My 2nd. It’s sweet like candy. It fits the name angel because it’s an innocent scent.

Music: 3rd favorite !! It’s just a snazzy sent. I have no idea how to describe it :P but it smells good!!

Love: I think love (character) looks the cutest, but it’s a more sophisticated, slightly sharper scent.

Baby: For all the girls who love a clean scent. But personally, it reminds me a bit of baby powder, so I stay clear x3


A new drama I am watching: 無敵山保妹/Invincible Shan Bao Mei

It is the story of an arrogant dude called Wu Di (Nicholas Teo) and Shan Bao (Amber Kuo), a flat-chested girl who wants to grow up. I’m not really sure what else happens…because I’m only on episode3. But I do know that the love team from “Fated to Love You” have a cameo appearance !! :D I love that drama !!

New manga: Pandora Hearts

It’s really intense, but it has hilarious moments !! Great art too x3

Both of these series are ongoing.

Blah de blah blah… hahaha I was so bored today that I decorated my whole printer and computer, mouse… whole package :) even blinged up my cell charger.

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