Babies coming into a Hello Kitty world

A hospital in Japan… Notice how the girls get pink blankets and the boys get blue?

Hello Kitty ramen. ;D

Hello Kitty contacts? A bit much, but cute.

Yes or no?

I think they’re cute !! Tell me what you think ^^

Haha, I know. Bad pun. xD But check out these sexy watches:

Cute, right?

These two watches are for the wealthy… diamonds !!

$4250 diamond ring!! More bling for the wealthy ^^

Yes, random. But still!! It’s so cute and awesome! Made by a Taiwanese company, OKWAP, it’s a cellphone with Hello Kitty as its theme !!

Images of Hello Kitty even show up on the menus ~

I would love a Hello Kitty bag !!

Or coin purse!

Wow! A fully functioning limited-edition Hello Kitty mini-piano selling for $554 ??

Bam!! A hot pink Hello Kitty Ferrari (: That’s hot~♥

I love this cloud one. It’s my favorite !!

By far the most resourceful hair accessory. Ladies, get your iPod shuffles out - it’s time to use them as a fashionable hair clip !!

Adorable felt made items. Found from Felt Creations. Check them out !!

And finally:

Hello Kitty sewing machine is officially on my wishlist ;3

I’m blogging again. Sorry, you guys must be sick of me ^^;;

But I really couldn’t resist sharing…

A fox!!

Pictures from another blog. Please check out the blog. This person really has some other interesting things to say.

Adorable puppy :) I love your birthmark ♥

That’s my motto when it comes to fashion. (:

Loverly Converse… do you like this popular sneaker?

Preference: Do you like the  lo-tops or hi-tops better? In general?

Flower as an art.

You will be amazed. Get ready…

3… 2… 1… GO !!

Edible erasers? Don’t mistake it for food !!

Lip balm cozy? Hahaha I didn’t know lip balm needed it. Cute x3

Chocolate. Huh.

What? It’s opening?

:0 Gasp !! It’s a mirror ?!

Yes, that’s right. A mirror xD

A comparison to real Meiji chocolate bar. So similar !!

My friend has one of those food erasers and a chocolate mirror. Jealous x3 The mirror even comes in a protective cover that looks like a chocolate wrapper !!

If you are a DIY, creative person, check out this website:

It has all thing crafts… one of my favorite: knit plushies. This amazing, talented person has created all the crafts you will now see:

Heehee, this is grass. But somehow it is so cute !! Notice the eyebrowns of the grass on the far left.

Robots !!

Pacman and ghosts ;D

Wow, this person can make poo appealing?

Also, have any of you tried the facebook application Pet Society? If you haven’t, search it. It’s so cute~

… refreshing, healthy snacks! The answer to your cravings: fruit.

Check out these fruits that are prone to make you drool:

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