Ahh reminds me of Hawaii

Some more pictures coming up:

Wow, you can draw on coffee using cream ? and syrup ?

Haha I know, I know. Totally random. Stupid randomness. *bash head*

So, after the stupidest idea ever to walk to Genuardi’s, it is so darn hot now. I’m hoping for a thunderstorm. The earth can’t be even more humid than it is right now…

Ok, so random theme of the day is…… (drumroll please) ……CAKE (:


mmm making me hungry now (:

Today I donated a carpet to Goodwill ^^ yay~! Go to a local Goodwill and donate something old. Trust me, it feels really good afterwards (: Also, if you try and buy stuff there, they have everything. And even furniture costs only $5. No joke. Everything’s cheap there, so you’ll be able to find some goods to bring home without spending a fortune or wasting resources. You know, this is sort of like recycling.

Fans of the band Fahrenheit/飛輪海, who is your favorite member? For me, Jiro~ ♥ He’s so funny and hot.

For those who don’t know them,


Links to check out their music:



Maybe this is becoming like a cuteness archive, but I just can’t stop !!

Gamers ~ anyone interested in a cute game console?

Really now. A hello kitty rifle? xD

I want this shirt. Now. (:

Big sushi fans?

(:  cupid, hit me with your arrow

Hahahah sorry guys, more adorable pictures coming up. I swear, you guys will melt from the adorable-ness ;D

Believe it or not, this is not a stuffed toy !! :D kawaii~

Aww floppy ears…

Aww a fluff ball~

Ahhh tell me honestly, isn’t this little animal just about the most cuddly you have ever seen?!

This kitty’s eyes remind me of Puss in Boots from Shrek! Too cute for me x3

Sorry, but maybe it’s just an addiction to cuteness

I just had to share this with you:

Froggy costume !!

I recently joined twitter under the username JeanDaBeanLin. Twitter seems really simple and easy to use, but it’s only status updates/link-posting? Facebook seems better to me, but I guess twitter has its own charm too :)

Blogging on this website is really fun, but when I was trying to help my friend make her blog here, it didn’t work. I guess I forgot what I did when I first registered…. I just randomly clicked around. Hehe… ^^;;

So I need your help: After signing in, and clicking “Blog” it shows up SanrioTown’s official blog. But I don’t quite understand how to get it to the normal “dashboard” where she will be able to write “posts” or “pages.” I totally forgot how, though I only made my account 2 days ago. Please help !!

And now for some random pictures~~

My future wedding dress… cute, right? xD

Breakfast, guys?

Cutest breakfast ever !!

But apparently, Hello Kitty’s not the only one with a toaster oven. But I still think she does it best.

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